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Enable mods workaround for DLC help please

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I´m looking for a way to make mods, that are not currently updatet (or even abandoned), to run with the dlc.

I´m aware, that not all of them may even compatible with the DLC, but it want to try to enable some of the minor mods i use, i would imagine they would just run fine.

So far i tried to just put a mod_info.yaml into the folder of the mod, but either ONI just deletes it, or if i make it write protected, it just ends in a restart-loop and an write error (because if protection).

Any chance i can make those mods semi-compatible with the DLC?

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Cairath is spot on.  If you try to alter the copy under Mods/steam, the launcher will re-validate the mod and your mod_info.yaml file gets deleted since it's not part of the mod.  If you copy the folder to Mods/Local, then it breaks the connection between the mod and the steam workshop copy of the mod.


I'm probably batting about 50/50 on getting mods that aren't DLC compatible to work with the DLC this way.  The two major problems that this doesn't solve, with the most common being that there seems to have been a change in kanim, and most mods that add animations won't work.  There are a few parts of the game that have changed too much for this to work as well, and the most common issue I've seen is changes in how the tech tree requirements are stored, if I'm interpreting the error message correctly.


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