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bring back exclusive skin for both version?

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So now Tencent kinda own Klei

I think we should get those skin 




and Wegame version can get the to "trade" with Tencent ? :v

Don't starve is noided : deathgrips


Or they can make a "new" one like what they did with the tragic torch (one is loyal and one is timeless)


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I know the Bottomless pit is for early access (I have that one too) but I'm pretty sure that the chinese version doesn't have it 

so maybe Klei can make a deal with Tencent that is for the Steam user have a chance to get Stone Kiln and Carved Stone Torch meanwhile the Wegame user can get the Bottomless pit

the original skin can be changed to timeless and the "new" is loyal (like what they did with the tragic torch)

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