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It would be very cool if the dupes could commit to communal gatherings, taming the well being, gleaming in social excitement, enduring endless combined joy...Around a so called "Popcorn Machine" image.png.e2e2d9f68e6a0f1b31020e97da5a6eca.png

The inspiration came from this thread

image.png.63100092c7c19e20d0475525be17cb6b.png  Spaced Out Minime Version

image.png.94cceaed30ee3800d42b7472339563bd.png Integrating everyone - With so called "wheels", innovative speedy popcorn !

image.png.9632782a0e287b6b79244629bb370935.pngPopcorn Reactor Model "Reactomat Popcorn 12500 V3" - Total Popcorn dedication


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