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Rocket with 8 tiles of range

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I have been trying to make a rocket with which i will be able to reach the 4th asteroid and back. I can't find the golded combination.

Seems like I will just need the petroleum engine because it can support 7 modules. Then I need a spacefarer module and a nocone, leaving 4 more modules available. Seems like I need all those 4 for petroleum tank(2) and oxydizers(2).

Thus, I don't have space for a rover's module for example.

How do you guys set this up for the 4th asteroid with the new rockets?

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I used 2 CO2 rockets  that could travel 4 tiles, dropped down the trailblazers, deconstructed them, and built a landing pad.  Third rocket was a small petroleum engine, and small solid oxidiser tank filled with oxylite.  This third one had 6 tiles of range.  However before I built up the compartment to support 3 dupes, I set it up to bring petroleum inside and pump it into a liquid tank, then deconstructed it.  That way I had petroleum left on the floor.  I bought enough steel with me to build up a pump setup outside, and then refilled the tank on the 4th asteroid. 

I also had enough refined metal to build a 2nd rocket platform to land the 2 CO2 rockets on it, one after the other, once i'd deconstructed them for parts.  Managed to get 3 dupes safely back home with about 650kg of niobium, and no stranded rockets.

EDIT: Oh forgot to say I was pressurising the cabin area with oxylite, so when it landed they refilled the solid oxidiser tank with what I brought with me as well.

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2 hours ago, Gurgel said:

Use Oxylite and you should get 2 x petroleum and 1 x oxidizer. Not tested, but that is what I take the 200% efficiency of Oxylite from the patch-notes to mean.

Ah, and I did suspect that oxylite would be better than fertilizer, but I didn't know of the data. I will give it a shot thanks !

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