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  1. Ah, and I did suspect that oxylite would be better than fertilizer, but I didn't know of the data. I will give it a shot thanks !
  2. You don't have to cool this water, you really don't need that. Just use it for oxygen where temperature doesn't matter. In regards to food, create 5 ranches, 7 hatches for each one and grow mealwood to feed them forever. You basically get unlimited barbeque this way. Just hatch the new eggs on 5 machines and the extra send them over to a pool of water via a rail. They will hatch there automatically, become hatches, drown and give you meat. Set up another rail and transfer them to your kitchen. You will have more than like 4-5 million kcals in cycle 400 or so.
  3. Their output is not the problem, it's the way they have to be fed where the problem lies. Power has to be renewable and ore is just not, unless there are a lot of volcanoes, and the base map has none of them. Thus slugs are useless in the long run.
  4. I have been trying to make a rocket with which i will be able to reach the 4th asteroid and back. I can't find the golded combination. Seems like I will just need the petroleum engine because it can support 7 modules. Then I need a spacefarer module and a nocone, leaving 4 more modules available. Seems like I need all those 4 for petroleum tank(2) and oxydizers(2). Thus, I don't have space for a rover's module for example. How do you guys set this up for the 4th asteroid with the new rockets?
  5. What education, I am stunned. Bringing up one of the biggest minds humanity has encountered, lol. If this fairytale writing dude says so, then I concur.
  6. Then you are really bad at this game. I can VERY comfortably go out shopping and come back without anyone dying or any significant problems. On fast speed.
  7. I mean I was aware of that, but as I mention in my original post, I thought I could use the new rockets to avoid this wizardry. That's what I thought too, but I can't get them to go more than 0 tiles (the petroleum ones, with oxydizers)
  8. How do you refuel on a planet you have just landed and there's not even a rocket platform or any oxygen around ?
  9. 4 tiles total won't do it for the 4th planetoid though. It's 8 tiles to go there and come back. I thought the new rockets were supposed to be addressing that issue no ?
  10. I don't get it, I was getting 0 tiles max distance. Guess I will try again maybe i missed something. Did they make CO2 engines better ? Cause you definitely couldn't reach the 4th asteroid and come back with them.
  11. I tried the new petroleum engine, but even though I fully load I still get 0 tiles, what is going on ? Is it a bug ? Have you guys managed to get to the 4th planetoid and back with the new rockets ? If so, what setup do you use ?
  12. You really missed the point. That was a response to someone saying that people who don't view ONI as their profession are lazy idiots. Which was the only arrogant thing in this whole conversation.
  13. Indeed 99% of people have lives too, but i get that you and the rest 1% exist as well. I would only call people who take the time to learn such extensive mechanics just to play a game lazy, including myself when I do. Most people have other things to do in life and they don't want to become ONI experts, but have a good time while playing. Because they prefer living in the real world.