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  1. This is a bug that happens a bit too often to just not care about and it's really messing up gameplay, especially on high colony cycles. I have been seeing this for more than a year now on the main game and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. I am assuming it may be difficult to reproduce and so it hasn't been fixed, but it's a big pain. I am currently playing a colony at about 1500 cycles, have about 40 dupes or so total. Very very often dupes just hand in mid air for no reason and get stuck there. The only way to make them move again is build a ladder or platform below them. When this is built, then they move again. It also happens on medbeds. A dupe gets stuck there and eventually dies out of starvation. The solution is to demolish the medbay, create a ladder, then the dupe moves, and then remake the bed. Worth noticing that the dupe gets stuck on a "climbing the ladder" animation when they get stuck on the medbay. The issue is particularly annoying because dupes basically get trapped and if you don't catch it immediately, half of those times they will suffocate or at least pee. In fact, the trapped message(which comes up when the bug happens), or the pee message is how i know this is happening. The issue happens a lot in my high cycle games. At least 4-5 times per game session and it's super annoying. The biggest problem is that i have autosave save every like 5 cycles cause i don't really need it and cuts down on game pauses, and if this issue happens and i have to reload the game, i have to wait for like 2-3 minutes for the load game to start(since it's 1500 cycles) and i am losing quite a lot of progress in some cases. It is basically the only reason I reload a game while playing and practically the only reason i get dupes to die sometimes. Hope klei can take a look at this, because it's an extremely annoying and game breaking bug :/ I never really file bug reports unless it's serious
  2. Base game (and DLC, for which i am on alpha) won't start on Mac os, comes back with an OS error. Looks like lots of people are reporting the same on steam. Yeah, this is what i am getting too.