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I can't download mods from Steam Workshop

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I subscribed to different mods but none of them downloaded, I have tried many things like clearing the download cache, unsubscribing all mods, I tried changing the Steam download region, reinstalling DST I have even tried reinstalling steam, but nothing works. (I tried many more things but nothing worked)

I also can't connect to other servers that have mods.DST1.thumb.png.7fd8c662d9baae4e3ae6df3b5c2876a9.pngDST2.thumb.png.1fec0256116ce1d7432593656f918a58.png

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I am actually having this same issue. I got a brand new gaming laptop and it will NOT for the life of me let me install mods or join games with mods. Ive uninstalled, disabled firewalls, gave DST special privileges, nothing is working. There is something im missing. My old gaming laptop can use them just fine. Any other suggestions? Agreeing to the TOS from Steam isnt an option because i already agreed to the new terms back in November. 

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There isn't anything new for me. Even clicking the suggested link shows that i already agreed to the terms. Also, if it had to do with Terms of Agreement, my old laptop should have the same issue but it doesnt. I just got this laptop Friday, set it up, downloaded Steam, installed DST and it wouldn't work. Im at a complete loss here. 

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While I do not know what's causing your issue, Sorry for that- You can use this as an alternative.. it'll download a folder named something.. in that will be another folder (I think) And then the mod folder itself, which you would simply drag to steam/steamapps/common/dontstarveotgether/mods

Of course these won't be registered to the workshop, and so will need to have a new version downloaded when an update happens

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