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Moveable Houndius Shootius

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So, the Houndius Shootius is a very powerful item. But, it is also an extremely expensive item, and this has lead me to never actually make them, not because I don't ever get around to making them, because as a megabaser I'd be lying to say I haven't at least crafted them. But the problem is, the shootius is so expensive, I don't want to place it because once I do, there is no moving it and it's stuck there forever or until it is killed, and it won't give back any of the very expensive materials that it cost to make the shootius. So, I personally am always afraid to place down the shootius in fear that I am going to waste it and won't be able to go back on my decision on where I placed it. A fix for this issue would be to allow recovery of the resources by hammering, killing, or deconstructing the shootius. Now, you don't have to worry about permanently wasting the resources if you place it somewhere you don't end up needing it. Something that would be a little too OP would be to make the houndius completely portable, but that would be too powerful because it would be a completely portable mob-killing machine.

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