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Time division between asteroids

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54 minutes ago, rumbleguts said:

There must be a way to pause multiple asteroids while you attend to the the one that your focus is centered on. Operating  2 asteroids is bad enough but if you had to manage 5 the Dups would all get into trouble. 

that's why there is also automation, i personalty not see the issue handle multi asteroids , also you not need hurry to other asteroids, make one asteroid to work that dupes not need too much attention and then move to other ones

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Multiple asteroids having problems at the same time make me want to play on slower speeds. But it`s a good incentive to stabilize the base so it doesn`t need attention. Some bases can survive on autopilot with no issues.

You can also just build basic infrastructure on the asteroids you explore and bring dupes back to the main one. The occasionally send expeditions for the stuff you need, almost like with the old system.

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I think divided time might be possible, and also allow for performance uplift. The tradeoffs here would be synchronizing the teleport terminals, so some system would have to be engineered to accommodate for the cycle delay between sending and recieving goods in the order they were intended to be sent and at the time they were sent.

One could break step and play a cycle on one, then a cycle on another - it would just require lock-in type setups where dupes are discouraged from from doing anything but farming or operating and tidy work with food on hand, etc.

This would disable the teleporter when time is out of sync.

Being able to pause one asteroid and then play another should have some limits that could be gated by that type of mechanic being implemented in the materials teleport recievers and so on.

In the meantime, while delays play out, inter asteroid spacefaring could continue ( so in flight rocket related activity could be seen to while time comes back into sync with the two or more out of sync asteroids ).

So an idea here is that time would be temporal, the more thats done when a colony is paused, the longer the delay between the two when transiting materials via teleport, while time spent staring at the rocket interiors or tending to their well-being would shorten this delay.

More rocket tending would ultimately lead to foreshortening the delays and proper sync. This would allow a smooth "getting started" colonization of an asteroid using time dilation where the primary facilitators of the synchronicity are in handing the delays caused by pausing between colonies and smooth interplay between the various activities in the DLC that might deserve to get a boost of attention from the player while not worrying us with the shenanigans that dupes get into when we aren't looking.

This out of sync cycle mechanic could re-initiate should you officially pause a colony ( time freeze - not the in game stop everything pause ), or it could be played as is, with colonies running simultaneously.

I think this would be a nice soft-start for colonization. Obviously the time freezing mechanic would have to be a well documented aspect of colonization.

And it would allow some regularity to form more smoothly for those first few cycles with little worry about the starting asteroid.

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