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Hello People,

I was playing with an idea in my head regarding the rocketry. I am aware that there insides of the rockets which can be build within and it seems Klei has plans for that to be "its own system in which to build".

I am not sure what your thoughts on that are - I guess it has it's merits - however I would propose a slightly different approach. (or at least keep that part very very simple as it adds lot's of complexity to the game)

How about a place on the star map that actually is an abandoned space station. One would need to figure out why I want to go there - maybe it's necessary as a jumping point for an even further planet which you cannot reach otherwise with fancy stuff on it.

Once you arrive it would be fairly broken and parts standing around.

I think building in pure vacuum without having any renewable resources sets a challenge to some people especially managing heat economy completely isolated from any other input.



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I like that idea. A space destination that`s an abandoned space station. It could come with it`s own landing pad. I can see raw roks to be a resource you`d lack there which would mean very little construction possibilities. Probably could use some rock intrusions coming from large meteors that hit it at some point - you could mine those.

As for why to go there i think it could serve as a source of mid game resources like steel, plastic, glass and refined metals. Imagine some parts of the station are so smashed that you can mine plastic and steel from them. No resources should be renewable there aside of some meteor regolith but it could be placed strategically on the starmap so you could use it to refuel when going towards more distant destinations.

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