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  1. There are more possible gameplay uses for nuclear tech and radiation than just power. I'm personally hoping for being able to use either nuclear reactions or nuclear decay to heat up things to obscene temperatures. My dream is to vaporize regolith, for all the pain it ever brought me Also I expect radiation might be useful to sterilize food or water. Besides just being another root cause of dupe vomiting, adding some extra challenge/difficulty to base design/exploration. Or giving dupes mutations/super powers. Lastly I can imagine we might get a nuclear engine for space ships. What I would really like to see, but we have no idea if it will ever be part of the game, is seeing radiation transmute elements spontaneously.
  2. Are you using the larger crew pod? Try placing it in the top left next to the window. As I mentioned you might need to deconstruct it when in space and then build it again if you see it has a "fully explored" message, since it doesn't check if it has new undiscovered tiles in space in range by itself to remove that status.
  3. You don't need oxygen masks to make rockets. They can hold their breath just fine in the vacuum of space, it worked for me both when making rockets and when building solar panels. Also at the moment it seems masks don't get picked up by dupes after they get dropped, so they are kind of a waste of resources, especially oxygen.
  4. The asteroids are just beyond range of ground telescopes, this is probably intended. A text mentions the cartography module as a means of revealing sectors of space appears if you try to order the rocket to fly to a not revealed hex tile. Currently you can also build a telescope inside a rocket while in deep space and it will work the same way as one built on a planetoid. You might need to deconstruct and rebuild it if it is stuck with a "nothing left to discover" message after you get to your observation spot in deep space. The problem is even if you find them reaching them with the CO2 engine might be just a one way trip.
  5. You can also go straight for solar power. Solar power at the moment is easy since meteorites don't seem to drop (at least for me), but there is less space for both rockets and solar panels since the map is less wide so I guess it can't be abused as much? You just need to get glass. Until I got glass and solar panels I just used 4 hamster wheels and connected 2 plug slugs to my power grid to recharge batteries.
  6. Currently my favorite end game power source is methane obtained from space that I heat into natural gas.
  7. The telescope needs to be built in space if you already observed with a telescopes all locations from the same planetoid from which it launched. Otherwise it has a "fully explored" or whatever status. Apart from that this does work, my two dupe crew just discovered a new planetoid beyond the range of all ground based telescopes. Also it was quite fun to prepare a ship for a long duration observation mission and watch the crew work in space, as one dupe uses the telescope and the other runs the hamster wheel. Really can't wait to this kind of thing with bigger and better missions, just hope the cartographer module also needs a scientist dupe actually doing observations like with the ground-based telescopes.
  8. The rover doesn't seem to work at the moment, besides revealing the surface (I think?). It starts with dead "chemical batteries" and no means of recharging or replacing them. Maybe it will do it once it is fully implemented or at a later-tech a construction robot lander will be available. I hope we get truly hostile difficult to colonize rocks in the future for some of the good rare stuff. A pity the trailblazer lander has no interior, I would just fill it up with O2 with a bottle emptier before launch like I do with rockets. Also would be cool to have a small base of operations from which dupes would venture on EVAs, possibly in suits, and build the basic infrastructure. Maybe in the future a landing leg module will be available for heavier rockets to allow landing without a pad? You would still want to build a pad despite having it, since a pad allows you to load/offload all the cargo modules. Anyway I ended up sending my miner/builder dupe on a one man job to tame the land, starting with the mentioned mad dig to the closest pocket sealing it ASAP. It went better than expected. I'm now working on shipping in some glass for solar panels.
  9. So has anyone figured what is a fairly safe way to build a rocket landing pad on another planetoid? I managed to drop enough refined copper on the surface, so now my problem is how do I get the dupe from the trailblazer lander module to not suffocate before I can get him to a local O2 pocket and build a crude airlock. Is there a safer way to this other than racing against lung capacity to dig to an air pocket?
  10. Considering the dupe mess hall menu might also include only mush bars or raw liceworms, I would pick the lettuce.
  11. Just checked both steam and the status page and I also got in. So indeed it seems the new pool was just selected. EDIT: Ninja'd by JoeW
  12. At some point you don't need more ore as I think nothing else consumes metal continuously as an upkeep cost, meanwhile I can imagine wanting more hydrogen either for power or for rockets.
  13. Good timing, my vacation which was originally for a [game that was delayed again] is starting this week. Just need to get a lucky roll to end up in the testing (non-nuclear) pool. Come on lady luck!