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  1. I'll try to remove all manual airlocks later and see if it stops crashing.
  2. It alwazs happens when i do something with pipes.
  3. Same for me - it is now the 5th time in a row.
  4. I noticed that when I discovered the second planet and had the printing pod up and got a small package of copper I could of course build pipes with copper. So far so good - however building with that material is of course not feasible with long stretches of pipes as one does not have enough of the material. With different materials available on different planets I found myself often deleting blueprints again in a new material. I am not sure how to solve this as it of course makes sense if you have only one planet or you actually intent to build in that material. I would want some form of warning I think like in comparison to the red "materials missing" I would like maybe a yellow warning that pops up on the whole stretch as soon as the game realizes that I currently do not have enough resources to build the whole section. Another issue is that if I selected copper on the main planet and switch to the other planet where I have only the 400 kg that got printed I have copper autoselected so it of course wants to build with that and that makes it difficult. Another option would be to give the settings to outright prevent the user from placing another segment if they do not have the material (I know that dupes build in priority order so of course it's tricky but yeah...) Great work!
  5. A quick announcement if your guys plan to make it possible to "remodel" the interior boundaries of a rocket in the future might be a good idea here. I think you can generate some valuable insights from users who are having dedicated input to that. (You are probably aware that people are making space ships by deconstructing the walls and such)