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Here is a big lists of raw ideas .Of course i know that some of these are way too complicated to be added to the game but who knows maybe in a few years i would buy more dlc's to have access to some of theses...

One or two of the asteroid should be HUGE like the 3rd or 4th ones.to be able to make immense bases after you got the firsts littles maps covered and tamed.


Light and Darkness in base modifiable. that we have to use lights but while still clear enough to see what we are doing

Time dilatation effect. being able to switch time speed on the one you currently dig while the others remains at normal speed. or the reverse while you dig the second asteroid the other one goes super speed...maybe depending on which planet you are... that would be a nice difficulty addition.(pause time on the asteroid you dont look at).OR next point below

Cryogenics Freeze some dupes then go work somewhere else. throw them in the fridge for hundreds of cycles waking up with a timer or with a geyser/vent that heats a biome.

Gravity uses (liquid catching wheel) density of the liquid could play a role in how much the wheel turns

Thermal effects on decompression and compression of gazes or liquids

Teleportation Buildable and destroyable stations to teleport on another world or on the same planet to have a higher tech than the transport tubes.

ALL from the 2 games crammed in one. such thing as balance can be work on later. i would like to have access to all of the new stuff AND the old like space missions and such why not being able to transport dupes or robots to some asteroid (like in the dlc) AND being able to send unmanned rare materials missions at the same time.

Sickness and Medicine adjustment even at the worse difficulty germs and medicine are far too easy to be care about.

Playable asteroids with Gaz atmosphere and life on surface wouldn't it be cool to be able to plant a big farm under the sun with different gazs atmospheres. Wild Critters and plants on surface. Cool on some planet (why not with rain sometimes)....some ideal for life, some Volcanic with or without magma/metal meteors some very cold with or without ice/metal meteors

Dupes reproduction and ''childcare mechanic's . Well  we have males and females duplicants but there is no use for it. We have to pick from the pods already adults dupes.I imagine we could ''teach'' the children's then with their interests and time they become a new generation and the parents dies. We could also receive some dupes in rockets by batch and one by one with the pod. These ideas open the doors wide for modding and techs. Imagine specials techs that would take multiples generations to be able to apply. This is right here the kind of late-end game stuff that would be awesome i think. Everything breed in this game except our colonists.

Tribes of Non human dupes they could breath something else than oxygen, live underwater or in differents temperatures...ect. while the food system is quite complete they could add some food toxic for the human dupes and vice-versa. when you defrost a dupe on another asteroid it could be grey,or green skin....hostile to our dupes but still being able to build a colony of them. feed them dupes or vice-versa.

Tinkering robots automated being that can do simple tasks like stocking, toggling, mopping, digging, maybe cooking or building small items like pumps pies and wires in very hostile environments. While we are at it they could recharge from the sun or by a dock like the sweepy.  .In fact a grey dumb dupe who dont have to sleep or pee. why not overheating with stress lol.

Space vessels landings with hostiles or not dupes or else onboard

Why not a robot miner who can move on a rail. More automation in general there is not a huge possibility of uses of the 4 signals wire at the moment

Plants hybrids

Harders combats and combats suits adding some critters that should be left alone in the firsts cycles. Because that would take more than 2 second with one gun to down it and they defend themselves

I dont think we will see a good parts of this list coming with the finish game but modders could help a lot.

I see myself enjoying this game even more in a few years if some of these mechanics are introduced 


Good game people ! 

Food source assignement Oh yeah i forgot i wanted to put down the difficulty of keeping a dupe quarantined. Food source assignement might be one of the answers.

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Some of them are really nice ideas, I like them

Time shrinking would be hard to implement and would have little impact on the game, so maybe it is not a priority form this list.

I would also leave child dupes to other sim games, I somehow don't feel ONI would ever need love stories... 

Plant hybrids sounds curious, what do you exactly mean?

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with the time thing i was escpecially speaking of pausing a world when looking at another.but it will be easier

i wouldn't want to have implemented nothing near love stories haha. the others sim games would decorate a nice chamber for their babies....not to offend anyone (i dont promote child labor nor slavery in any sort) but this is a game i would make them dig wit thiny shovels,store stuff or mop floors and tend to plants to get their ration of moo milk they could only be a smaller dupe with -20 stats and before a couple cycles they would need to be taken care of (like ranching) daycare room with 10 other childs and a autosweeper. that only make some sense if our dupes dies one day.i would love to be able to land 10 dupes on a planet to make them multiply exponentially instead of having one print at the time.

Plants hybrid could be a mechanic like if you put 2 kind of plants too near to eachother they became one 3rd kind...or usings 2 seeds to splice a new hybrid. new skin some ,bonus from both starting plants, requirements difficult to maintain. differents yields..ect oh and what about a bio-mech style of plants manufactured in late game with rare metal and rare plants..

what do you think of the new cryochamber in the DLC.it's already here 


the more i think about it the more a Cloning vat would make more sense...littles clones fast growing have to be taken care off in their vats and in their firsts cycles.then 25 dupes in one batch ready to rock

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11 hours ago, Swoop5994 said:

what do you think of the new cryochamber in the DLC.it's already here 

My first thought was "I want to build it and freeze my dupes!". Not sure what would be the use case for that, I just want to

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