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  1. ealier someone was asking for depleted uranium use.. i think this is radiation shield material at the moment (klei wrote something about adressing the Dep. Uranium radiation stopping power in one of the radiation patch we had.
  2. oh and i find it weird to use a wood shed with a bucket to poop in ,in a space vessel so i have to agree with you that the game have to make sense too.but im confident in the future decisions klei will make they are taking all the rights directions imo
  3. germs need to be like in the early access days.but.... Unfortunately you built some suits and placed them to the exit and then when you go to the slime biome unfortunately the suits are protecting your dupe ?? well why not dig in there naked cycle 3 on red alert with every dupe running everywhere and getting sick ??
  4. Well Op was asking about the counter being empty in lower right corner not about a button but yeah i see it missing now that you point
  5. Filling up container to destroy them to have a big pile of crap in your ship,or building infinite set-up to test the launcher...breaking the damn windows of the POI to make solar, if you want to do these why bother asking for balance or asking to nerf the panels ?.Klei is pulling one of the most impressive release i never seen but everyone is there asking for balance on things you chose to abuse. On methods that bypass the default game difficulty. Personally I want this game to be like a kick in the nuts i choose not to abuse the game mechanics.I mean yeah, you can store 1000 tons of crap in one tile IF you want to. I never did,and certainly wont begin in my rocket because i lack space, you guys know what i can't do anymore ? destroy the walls of a rocket in a future game if I want for fun just once. nope people abused it to the point of calling it broken gameplay. This is removing some of the fun in creating crazy things once in a while.And before everything let's remember nothing is setted yet the game is still releasing Wait before calling all space stuff broken,im certain Meteors are coming back on some of the planets (there are new meteors in the sandbox tools even a nuclear one) and i also have some ideas of my own on wich way to go in the future but eh this is only opinion.let see,I do hope they add punch to the diseases options .....after that, Moo reproduction...interplanetary automation signals...plants mutations...freezing batch of dupes with the cryo box we find on the 2nd planet...Regolith...about solar maybe make the glass forge produce more heat or/and add overheating solar panels and the actual cable being a heat transfer from space. Keep it coming klei this is awesome !
  6. Uh ? the Ui seems to be correct ? i dont see what's missing in the shot... well to answer your question no your not missing anything. the latest update was just release the time counter is empty because each new update is at 3 weeks intervals so 2 weeks 6 days was just today the radbolt update with the shipping launcher Go check your research tree you will find something to past these 3 weeks
  7. Im really impressed of how far the game as come. this is going in the good way !! For my part i hope to see last planet bigger than the others to be like the target destination. to give a sense for the rockets and all i hope to see plant mutation and other new cool things soon !! but i hope to find some difficulty once lost hard to say at what point but germs are not really scary anymore and hospitals are not useful as it should...there are other issues but i saw what you did with nuclear power and im confident in the way you listen to players interplanetery automation is something i really hope to see going into automatics colonies (cryofreeze dupes ??) for being able to build elsewhere without having to care about the said planet every minute. i know that the game is going foward at a pace i never seen. it feels like everything is possible since we dont know the extent of the content still to come and im happy to restart every patch to test the new things keep it going !!
  8. The most plausible idea to me would be to be able to build teleporters like the ones on the firsts asteroid and functionning cryo-chambers to freeze dupes all of wich would be powered by HEP power down = the whole cryo chambers turn into coffins and are filled with radioactive biogoo Also i kind of liked the idea behind the inception bug where you could build alternate realities witht the spaceshipp interiors. We could create a HEP ''sending'' pod to open a place or a room. To maintain it you have to invest HEP to heat it too or to refrigerate it ect...Just some random idea
  9. To me airlocks who dont let anything pass trough have to be more than a single ''door'' here's my view of why simple problems can have funny complicated solutions...i personally never use the typic liquid locks since i think its a loss of space and they are ugly there is alot of cheese in this type of game but almost all of thems are choices to ''exploit'' a mechanic or not i rather use mechanical approach with 2 doors airpump and automation.Not very different than a Air shower when you enter a place like Nasa labs or microbiology labs ect... Btw visco-gel and vacuum sass's are awesome to look at.I believe or even a droplet vacuum pump with chlorine to disinfect and vacuum the space. so many Options...Sometimes funky way of doing things is the best and sometimes it's only making a game harder and less boring. Complicated solutions to basic problems are to me another way that Oni is the only game im not getting bored off. i could talk a bit about a useless contraption i had fun building and try. click the spoiler tag if interested. The only airlock i could see in a futur would be this one :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2094698134&searchtext=airlock i love that it is a 3 tiles buid, a bit slow and need power. Im not sure of it's flaws but i know it's also transfer heat. i dont use it only because i find it a bit OP. you can also find the green airlock door as mentioned earlier on the post, in the workshop to stop your headaches and gazes if this what you want. I do hope to have some sort of Lead constructions interacting with Radiation as vacuum or solid does not stop it. fluid seems to be one of the best option to stop radiations for now...(if i didnt missed anything)
  10. wow nice babba i really like that is not like the same 4 high x same lenght as everyone rooms instead your base seems dangling on ropes hahaha but seriously you mined the crap off this map,how dp you manage the fact that hydrogen is seems to be filling the bedrooms
  11. yeah it's modded so room size is not really an issue (all rooms are set to max 256 lol) but yeah some are too big of course I'm still balancing. I love to have options to my bases, not like Fullrene in the printing pod on cycle 1. more in the range of being able to split rooms and expand without too much demolition. Wont be perfect anytime soon haha no shame, this game would be boring if the perfect colony was a model everyone took. Started a new one yesterday on test branch planned differently.
  12. Heres my 45 cycle base if it seem like a settled base this is because this screen was taken after i kept my dupes on red alert and yellow all over the place to build and research non stop since start i do have some errors in there to correct of course.toilet ratio..rooms order..the bassin is in the way...and clean o2. strangely i dont find my printing pod sending much useful stuff trough care packages.i play modded but nothing making it too cheaty it would have bored me i did plan to isolate this cube with a vaccum i have yet to check my options for the exits,the rooms locations,my dupe ratio,off wich i plan to send a few off to the next planet right away, i will have to move some building cause of the heat but since im on swamp cooling is a bit less urgent
  13. can we check some past streams somewhere ?? it will be my first one to check