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  1. I really hope the diseases gets tweaks into lethal,dirty and harsh for the ones choose a higher diffculty settings or this is literraly doing nothing and the medical whole part is serving no real purposes (diseases,aloy of symptoms from vomit to lethal +transmibility ) radiation making the dupes leak theirs bio fluid filled with radiations having to keep them in quarantine with a specia room... w w
  2. youre right but im pretty sure there is alot more going on under the hood things that are affecting the base game now that went down in the updates behind the construction of spaced out...some things are affecting all the engine some are about germs...A.I...food...and almost even every single systems expect this to be coming to the end and be optimize when they update. sure thing is all we see here are poeple in base game affected by the performance of what the base engine is added. i think it wont last if it cant handle the changed or it will be optimized...you are missing quite a ride on the Dlc for 15 bucks let met tell you
  3. i cant help to think that some drivers or some version of unity or something might be off...i mean they are addind a couples change that for most of them in the dlc we had to deal with them when they got out ...check you moves patterns germs...food...gasses that coming from or goin to somewhere...because yeah it its not normal at all how mucg mods do you run and how much backgrounapp your pc have to deal with...virtual memory if your pc is old.....updates from the games still downloading on steam ?? ^^ at this point if i were you wanting to play the latest version i would do everything from isolatin the game on it drive and be sure its a m.2 or a ssd then purge windows to basic and delete all history in browser you know the old flaethrower approach....graphic driver....network...everything....then try to play with easier mode on or off there is a germ multiplication point in the update....seriously there is something wrong i would be curious to see how many win10 services are running for nothing in the back too....well yeah essentially blame everything else and then if there was an error youl end up with a cleaner cmputer lol u on epicstore ? or linux? mac ect....mods also but depending wich one there are some that are heavier to run
  4. poeple that got a fps drop from that update are just not realising all the amounts of food is getting spoilt at different rates with bacteria proliferation being individual for each meal in each boxes got his calculation to do. having massive sotrage of water than could go into petri dish moode or masses of food suddently start being part of your game again....Im very satisfied of my result here the performance is really better. like day and night... If you have a problem with some harsh lag after that update u should just start new base there is some chance that either incompatibilities are there or is just the way you stacked your things ...
  5. just to point something in the update of harmony .yaml got the lastworkingversion thing that will help reduce mods being constantly needed to be update if i understood correctly so yeah...mod updater mod is your best ally and a bit of patience. For my part i never had any games that was releasing so much content that quick and that is crazy cool. i love having to think more about the food conservation than just a tile of vacuum but yeah maybe some other people would like a toggle option. Keep it going klei !! just to point something in the update of harmony .yaml got the lastworkingversion thing that will help reduce mods being constantly needed to be update if i understood correctly so yeah...mod updater mod is your best ally and a bit of patience. For my part i never had any games that was releasing so much content that quick and that is crazy cool. i love having to think more about the food conservation than just a tile of vacuum but yeah maybe some other people would like a toggle option. Keep it going klei !!
  6. do unity upgrade and harmony might bring more performance ? in fact i think the only thing i really had problems with was radbolt making my bases lag alot the rest was not so bad. *cheers to the modders* thanks for your job congrats to klei this seems like alot of not so simple work to merge 2 "games"
  7. Nice !i think the food nerf is very wise. I love the new fallout added with collision of bolts.now they are only producing heat when they collide together and not only on tiles anymore (very nice) I've tested a lot on beta with the collisions mechanics,automation signals, collisions in liquids....ect That part of trying to prototype something efficient from all that nuclear super hot contaminated mess I loved it. while it lasted... it was the same temperature on beta BUT the temp would stay a bit longer i think ...Nerfed it looks like it goes up but it take time... So yeah nice day all and thx klei it's awesome
  8. im wondering how you pass the radbolt trough walls since i passed 3 hours trying ALL the sensors the game have, in different settings and atmosphere i finished by figuring that germs where detected or rads at 0.1 you got any trick simpler than mine ? i am really curious it's just that.Really testing on debug at the moment (wich is very rare) to see how effective the research reactor is really supposed to beat other means to make power...since colliding radbolt gives off heat for a millisecond at 4725 celsius i can assure you that you can turn crude oil in petrol or you got access to the sour gas to methane too wich is transforming at VERY good rates many others change of states that were needing very complex build and where i take the radiations say a pile of enriched uranium with the radbolt absorber i not sure i can deplete it that way. and there the nuclear waste created along the heat the waste is producing rads so... i want to know how much steam turbines or Kwh can i produce in a medium size collider im still testing Research reactor to see if i put the containers that gets out of the reactor in the hot section of the colliders .. 4700 celsius i think it goes to gas also can turn the nuclear waste to nuclear fallout gas and pump it in space if i need (with the plastic minipump only for now i didnt test all the materials of the other pumps but they where getting state change damage at the entrance) But still need cooling insulations suits and all the whole kit because that is dangerous for everything living. im gonna share my result when it's running stable. God i hope this wont get nerfed this is so extreme, hard to setup and very dangerous for the dupes it's epic Oh yeah btw managing the nuclear germs, the very intense heat, the nuclear fallout,and the radiation leak is part of my test at the moment for it to be ok for dupes to put fuel in a room and have the rest isolated in visco-gel/vacuum/lead/graphite i will try the lower materials too but vacuum does a very nice job...
  9. renewable ressources is the uranium coming from the space mining spots... you need to ranch beetas and to refine it at a bigger pace i think i dont really know the exact numbers from the centrifuge or how much beetas needed to equal it but i will make sure to try both. At the moment the more waste i gather the more radbolt i produced from it but when out of contaminant it does have a really huge heat absorption capacity .i then let it fall into a vacuumed space near the collider when i purge with vacuum i had prepared in a adjacent room.There will be something to do with it in the long run i think but for now the payload cannon makes a good way of shooting it to the asteroid you dont use...i know you can pump it somewhere too if it's no too cold The dupes need their suit when interacting with rads all the time of course then Radpills and the going to the bathroom remove rad thing works. with what i had running you need some liquid elements to drop on the reactor if it's getting to hot instead of doing a row of steam turbines you then pump the steam produced (in vacuum where contaminant are removed)...in a nearby chamber well timing is effectively the challenge to transport the, since they do trigger the rad sensor to (0.1 while passing trough) this can build up on the sensors and be difficult to spot if you have radiation coming from everywhere . Then the rabolt are transporting rad contaminant germs wich is detected by the germs sensor (the round one that look like a radar)....at lasty not having a trail of contaminant you need the places you make them passed to be in a liquid (i used visco gel for my tests.) or a vacuum. wich works really great.you set the rad sensor to 0.1 or 0 and you have a green pulse that will need to be buffered while you might need to use 1 or 2 reflector to slow the bol down before the door is open that or simple timers. with both you can automate with them to make them go somewhere to give off their MASSIVE HEAT I really hope the Oni communauty is hoping for some 5 yr old puzzles or super OP way to manage the reactors and the waste Nuclear should be complicated this is the fun parts to find what you can do with that your left with and to have some ways of cleaning whole room with a button/flush waste somewhere else to be treated (i did not give much attention to it but i think the is more radioactive in his liquid form and there could be some way of doing something else than picking the rads from it for radbolt i think it is not completely done Have a nice day i really think that players have to figure easy ways to have glacials temps in your fridge and use this cold to help cool down the base and the heat created with radbolts and generators. making the food vacuum preserved or sealed in fridge make it all very too much easy..so the updates were really needed i find Sorry if this is hard to understand im no writer..
  10. I played a lot with Radbolts and automation to figure how to catch a steady pulse signal the most efficient method i found was Visco-gel surrounding the sensors for radiations and you set it to above 0 you got a pulse when the radbolt pass.you have to count a few tiles and you can slow bolts with reflector before the doors. If many passes at the same place, the visco gel surrounding helps with the radiations getting to the sensors...they still keep a 0 . I made a thing i need to polish a bit but yeah i got Radbolt to collides in X shape in a very insolated and enclosed room And let me tell you that the room was Getting radioactive as hell and contaminated with nuclear dusts and very HOT. With the build i have Many choices and the one i wanted to try first is getting bolts and rads out of this mess trough automateds conduits (controlled way) And here it was. Do i end up with more radbolt than i create to collide ? i don't think so i should count them as the difference might not be huge, did i create a pool of radioactive pee (nuc.waste) Yes and enough heat in the air to melt the bolts reflectors themselves .Could most of the radiations i was using being from 3 intentionals meltdowns in a vertical bunker surrounded by viscogel ? i don't know what you are talking about i'll try to make it less laggy for sharing. I really think conduits are NOT needed for the radbolt or the radiations it would be completely broken easy what i think is needed is a way to make all of this less Laggy because when i was running my bolts production all the way trough automated doors and the colliders then back out i was having some major lag but i might have been a bit hungry with the size of the thing. I'l get back to it and share it to who want it to fiddle with. this is not boring lol Edit: oh yeah for curious i tried collisions of radbolt on depleted uranium and even on yellowcake to see if it would do something,nope...collisions In the middles of large waterfalls (depend on the element but it can seal) for the waterfalls i tried many substances like liquid depleted uranium,liquid lead, visco-gel,super-coolant,water,ethanol,crude oil ....i think that"s it of course when collision occurs inside a flow of liquid you get states changes if you do it in the middle of 2 flows that's a great heat/waste/rads containment depends on the liquid used.
  11. I Am completely against this claim.Telling the klei's game are not marketable because of your self experience is pretty much like something is dumb to be liked by people in general. much of them spent hours choosing to learn to play it's more complex sides Their metacritics and steams ratings are through the roof.....Klei is the definition of unmatched quality, wild ideas for lots of differents paths(Even physic in this 2d sim...), and their games Klei's games are endless you can spend .I never saw a game release so full of contents and releases so quicks before. From mechanics to Ui improvements,passing trough the new physics aspect left some openings to wonder what they prepare...You don't need to go on each planet if you only want to go to a certain number of cycles....in the real long runs thousands of cycles, when you want some automation and being able to replenish all of your multiples baseS the starting geysers are a bit of a stretch . Of course IF you like to play on the ''old school'' setting of the large Terra with all the geysers availables it's up to you to have the ''perfect map'' to start. Or debug mode the crap out of the game to fix your issues ,and then complaining about the planets being less relevant or space travel being useless.Try it on survival beta you will see some things are pretty nice and are gonna change some ways to build. Well for starter i do but if you never ended with multi-millions of calories extra if might an indication of something about your way to play. because this is a very common thing once the critters are breeding and the plants are growings.putting a super rush on food delivery to get the resin you need and then settle back on lower numbers...obviously the recent food spoiling in vacuum if not refrigerated is gonna add a bit of challenge to it and i think the whole community love their games hards. In your post i agree on the diseases settings being too safe when you put them on hard they still can be ignored and im sure it's gonna get fix one of these day Radbolts conduits are my wires conduits and that work very good at the moment i have to automate doors (Radiation sensors with Viscogel ) to let them fly trough and to stop dupes from getting in front of it but i'm not sure actual conduits are an answer...even more in the beta at the moment the radbolts are a source of heat on impact so new designs are comings.Conduits would make it very too much easy Oh yeah cold creating or heat moving displacements solutions are there you just have to check for them. it's obviously not only the aquatuner and the turbine...
  12. with a rad sensor and automation you can let radbolt go trough no ? didnt tried it yet but it sound like i would be suppose to be done with what we have... Collider need to keep the heat gen and the nuclear fallout is a really neat alternative since it does make some residual rads but not like the compact loop cheesy design that was shown on the other thread. you guys might consider including the morphs mods into the games with radiation as trigger these were working every patch but just now they all prevent from booting the game
  13. nobody talked about the fact that now radbolt collisions spawn HEATS and RADS boths so you can harvest the rads from the fallout they create and do more radbolt to collide to do more fallout ect and then you open your loop to send some where you want ? isn't the rad detector with a bit of automation can close and open doors to let radbolts passed a the right time ? then we have the rads done by radbolt engine that should be gatherable... with infinite uranium and a few research reactor too i don't think we lack ways of making bolt AT ALL but it is an opinion,not trying to shove ideas down anyone's throats. And further more nuclear meltdown in a controlled environment to gather the rads as not being tested or if so not by many (we dont see it in any /r posts or neither here.having a power and bolt sink is definitely a good thing i think.i dont think your expected to load your nosecone of a ton of diamond on cycle 150... Adding too much source when you can already make some producting loops i think would make the game so easy that it wont have any challenges at all. Only a opinion . (curious to see if we will have a mechanic with yellow cake, a mechanic to use in builds more than a new building but we will see) Edit : indeed im not talking about the miniature ovious loop that was possible before the nerf..Just the fact that they still do create fallout and heat when collision between radbolt occurs from a distance (i just saw the post with the rads collectors in the explosion radius of the collisions...nerf was needed i think i just hope they dont completely remove the heat and fallout creation in collisions because someone else find an exploity way of using it....but you guys do what you want to...
  14. radbolts are getting easier to make too since they can create some rads from the fallout. no ?
  15. hahaha yup my bad got to admit it's been awhile since i didnt use them so...yeahh still stupid i know