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At the moment DLC (and sometimes even base game) holds a lot of identical volcanoes per asteroid. As a general rule those are fun to automate once or twice, but automating dozen volcanoes quickly become identical and tedious. On top of that, volcanoes are effectively locked behind certain technologies, unlocking those technologies immediately grants player ability to handle all volcanoes: there is no progression.

Please, add more variety to 'infinite' world-generated resource sources. Some potential options:

  • Remnant tech.
    • Volcanic pump. Some of the volcanoes might have an remnant contraption on top of them that has a pipe output. Power it up and you have your molten metal (who said pipe damage? Might be good idea to limit this to some not too hot resources).
    • Volcanic well. Some of the volcanoes might have an remnant contraption on top of them that has a pipe output and pipe input. Pump in some required resource and get your prize.
    • Volcanic refinery. Unlike previous two options, this one requires only power (probably a lot of it), but in turn provides room temperature compact bars.
  • Dupe-tech compatible sources. Some volcanoes might be dormant permanently, they still can be exploited!
    • Excavator. A volcano that is relatively cool and won't erupt (unless over-exploited), too hot for dupes to handle, but automated excavator (a friend? a facility?) can go deep into the volcano and gather the shinnies (but keep you hands safe, it's hot!). Obviously needs specialized research.
    • Magmatic well. Volcano that is still hot but doesn't have enough pressure to erupt (but do expect occasional gas or heat surges) can be exploited by building a well on top of it. Research and build a well, now just pump in something cool to excite the volcano and you got yourself magma.
    • Crystallization. See that weird cup from neutronium with a hole in the middle? Don't mind the lethally toxic gases it emits, just pour water into it and watch the crystals grow in the water! Also might be good idea not to touch those with your bare hands, let your friends handle them! Once collected and purified, this crystals turns into fine salt, silicon, lead... depends onto the source.
  • Space it out
    • See that rock out there? Yes, it's small, yes, it's far. But it has shinnies! So board your rocket, prep the harpoon, the net and go drag it into you cargo hold. Go quick, before it leaves the area or slams into one of our colonies. Would be nice to have more uses for rockets, and ability to capture rare passing meteors can be one such use.
    • A variation of the idea above: some of the hexes on the map should have an 'meteor rains' indicator, rockets should have a tech to collect this 'space debrie'. Equip a rocket, send it and it will collect the 'meteors' over time. Needs a collection tech and a dupe--operated-time for it to work (skill? specialization?) Variable, mostly useless input, like in 'base' game. Collection time is limited by cargo bays' capacity and if rocket has enough spare fuel (might be good idea to allow jettisoning cargo), collection speed might be affected by dupe's specialization (the dupe that operates the rocket during collection).
    • Return meteor rains to some of the asteroids. It was fun in base game, but it was providing too much metals and regolith, perhaps it will work better on tiny ones?

P.S. Volcanoes, vents and geysers so far are all horizontal, might be good idea to have at least some vents vertical or upside-down just for variety.

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