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Simple "explorer" rocket

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As some people seem to have trouble with the concept, here is a simple "explored" design for exploring the starmap. The interior is filled with 30kg of oxygen or so per tile (via Canister Emptier). Remove the atmo-suit from the dupe, store some dirt (optional) in the compactor and some food in the fridge. BTW, I found that dupes need the "field research" skill as well to do astronomy. BTW, the Massage Table does not really help, better do without it and just select a dupe with a "benign" stress reaction.



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The artwork is exquisite. 

For my design I throw in two telescopes, an outhouse, some food, and supply O2 via cannister.  Take two dupes along and they survey the area in half the time.  They're back home before they run out of oxygen, food, toilet visits, or stress.

If you keep them in their exosuits, they don't consume any O2 but they do get interrupted to gasp for air every so often.  It's a tradeoff.  Odd mechanic there.

Demolish/rebuild the outhouse in between trips or take along some dirt to restock outhouse unless you don't mind having to scrub the rocket after they've peed all over the floor during subsequent trips.

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7 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

Looks a bit like my setup, but i did not even bother to add sleeping or massage. Trip wont last that long as if it would be needed. And it usually send 2 dupes. So one can power the stuff, while the other stares into space. Shortens the trip time.

The massage table is decidedly not viable, it does not do enough to bring down stress.

With one dupe, you do run into a "sustainability" phase (at least with low research skill, which is what I am using here), where the dupe can do about half a hexagon of research per cycle, the rest it is vomiting, mopping up, generating power, "piloting" sleeping, etc.. This still works, the endurance of the one dupe design above is really long. But it is dead slow.

But two dupes are a good idea. I am trying a simple 2 dupe design now. 

My main point was that it is not really hard to do at all, and there are numerous simple solutions that all work. In addition, you get back to base fast if necessary.

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