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Ladder'd Hatch, vertical access.

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Ladder-lidded hatch door - a door building comprised of two tile spaces where the door opens up and the open section has a ladder attached to the underside of the single tile sized door. Hatch door hinge is in the center of two tiles. Something like this where ladder sections persist below and on the strut and piston side of this roof-floor door.



Laddered vertical arrangement allows continuity between ladders above and below the door section. The door takes up the standard two tiles of space.

a rotatable version may not work - dupes cannot travel through a single tile hole in the wall for whatever reason ( animation I suppose ) .. 

Consider a powered version as well.

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Sort of...  The double tile door is twice as large as it needs to be and there is no ladder (or pole) in the door frame causing dupes to stop and jump to the next ladder/pole section.  This new idea cleans up the two tile part, making it one, and speeds ascent/descent.

52 minutes ago, Yunru said:

Functionally, a regular door already acts like this.

Just, not graphically.


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