Sal negotiation too difficult after update

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Playing Sal after the latest update and her negotiations are now extremely difficult. This was particularly noticable in the second half of the campaign (prestige 1) where I couldn't win any negotiations even with full grafts and reasonably good deck while battles were comparatively easy (using combo synergies).

I then tried Brawl (prestige 0) and even the first negotiation is almost unwinnable (and if you get 'pry for intel' there is no chance). The problem is mainly the damage levels being put out by intents and the frequency of spawning other attacking arguments against you.

Possibly it's because I've unlocked more card packs but I also feel like it's difficult to develop powerful decks with Sal's negotiation cards (compared to either of Rook's cards and Sal's battle cards) but maybe that's just me not having worked it out yet.

Otherwise I'm really enjoying the game!

P.S. Please make more Invisible Inc :)

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I thought it was just a me problem, but yeah Prestige 6+ for Sal's negotiations are super hard. Rook and Smith are way more doable, but Sal's decks just don't deal enough damage to beat the 70-80+ resolve arguments you're up against in the last two days.

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