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So now I have Thermium. What to do with it?

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after 1800 cycles I finally visited a Niobium planet and now have plenty of Thermium. What can I do with it? I already built a sour gas generator without Thermium and have way enough power. The only usage I can imagine is to use it for a pump for an oil fissure. What else?



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29 minutes ago, nakomaru said:

Use it for high conductivity heat transfer in any build (doors, tiles, pipes). You can also build higher efficiency oil boilers with an aquatuner heat source.

Another oil boiler would be good, yes. Thanks. I could run petroleum generators and use the polluted water for farming. I have an oil boiler, but it uses only one volcano and 90 °C oil. It does not produce very much petroleum.

5 minutes ago, Lbphero said:

after 1800 cycles, are all of your asteroids independent of eachother? do they send eachother stuff at all??

I am playing the base game, not the DLC.

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