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Trailblazer Module

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How do you use the trailblazer module?

It has no way of selecting which dupe you want to put in it.

I was able to put two dupes in the rocket nose by selecting them both as a crew, but then when i wanted to deploy the trailblazer with one of the dupes, there was no window asking me which dupe to send with it, and it sent the wrong one down.


There should be a button to select which dupe to put in there do deploy.


Maybe I am using it wrong? Anyway it is very confusing.

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I sent a dupe to another planetoid using just a CO2 engine and it worked. The problem is that we're not sure about the mechanic of which dupe it sends down the planet.. I agree with Falk, there should be a way for us to choose which dupe it sends down using the module. Or maybe explain the mechanic to us so we'll know how to make sure the correct dupe gets sent down.

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I tested this. It may have something to do with the headgear you put on the dupe.. Not sure

I printed a new dupe which like rocketry... skilled him in level 1 rocketry and gave the appropriate headgear..

Then I sent my main digger/builder with the new pilot.. The digger has been skilled to super dupper hard digging, and exo suit wearing..


When I deployed the trailblazer module, the digger was the one sent down..


Please let me know if you experienced otherwise..

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