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My thoughts on DLC Alpha so far

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Hello! I've played the Alpha for a few days, and these are positive and negative things I've found while playing. They aren't bugs, those have all been reported accordingly. I haven't done any multi-asteroid stuff or space travel yet, I play slowly and I wanted to get my main base all sorted out and self-sufficient before I did that. I will add more notes as I think of them

Positives -

  • Improvements to dig tool - I really like that you can see the resource under the dig tool. Some elements look very similar, and I used to have to turn the dig tool off a few times to check which resources I was digging out, but now you can see the name under the tool. It's very convenient. Another thing is the total number of blocks you have dragged over, it's very useful for digging out space for rooms and seeing how many tiles it is without having to do the math yourself.
  • Mud - This is a fun resource, it's annoying yet useful.
  • Swamp biome - I really like that this biome is challenging because it's so messy, but nothing is life threatening. It's a challenge to get the air quality in a good place, but breathing in polluted oxygen for a while won't kill anybody, so you have a ton of time before anything is dangerous. The mud makes it challenging to dig because the mud falls down everywhere and make a mess
  • Critters - I've only experienced sweetles, worms, and the plug slugs, but I love them so far! I really like that there are more critters that are useful even when kept wild. I've put some plug slugs in my bedrooms and they just hang out there and generate energy at night, and it's like the dupes have pets!
  • New plants - The bog plant is great! Another use for polluted water is a big plus!

Negatives -

  • I don't like the comma being gone in the calorie count. It makes it difficult for me to quickly see how much food I have stored, because my eyesight isn't that great and the numbers run together. 978654 looks like it could be about 97 thousand or 970 thousand. It's much easier to read 987,654.
  • This might be just an Alpha thing, but I so far don't know where sulfur comes from, and so I've been concerned about using it for sweetles or anything else because I don't know to get more and I don't want to use it all and find out I needed it for something. This isn't really an issue, just a thought I had.
  • Building entombment/flooding/etc for structures that I didn't even get to yet - I like to keep the notifications list short, and if there is a problem I try to fix it. However, it's really annoying to have a message from a window being entombed that's far away from where any dupe has even explored! Or the transport buildings being flooded when I haven't even activated them. It would be nice if the notifications for entombment/flooding would only show up once you've actually interacted with these buildings, I feel like I have to dig to them just to fix the flooding/whatever just to get the notifications to go away, and not because I was ready to explore there yet.
  • Inability to deconstruct gravitas decor items - This isn't really related to the DLC because I've thought this as long as I've played it, and the fact that you can deconstruct all the rest except for the decor items is really annoying. I know there are mods that do this, but PLEASE just let me deconstruct the lockers once I've emptied them PLEASE. So many times I've had to rearrange my base because there are random chairs/tables or lockers or metal ladders in the way and I can't deconstruct them.
  • Automatic dispenser - It HAS to be powered now to even work, and it stays powered whether it's in use or not. I don't like that because there is nothing now that doesn't require power and can be a drop off station. A lot of people use them as a one time drop spot for things they sweep, and it doesn't make sense logically that the dupes can't put stuff in them and have it drop out instantly. Also I don't think they should be powered constantly, before they were only powered when they were in use, and that makes much more sense.

Other thoughts -

  • The mask station seems out of balance with the materials it needs. I know that the DLC is not properly balanced yet, but I feel like needing metal ore for every mask is a little much. If a dupe grabs a mask and crosses back through the checkpoint, she will drop the mask next to the station and the next dupe will pick it up and use it (unless it runs out of oxygen, which it loses fairly quickly while not worn) but then the metal is just gone. I think that they should put the mask back in the station to refill it, and that it should only use more metal ore when it doesn't have any masks in store.
  • Also with the mask station - It doesn't seem to actually prevent dupes from crossing without a mask. I keep seeing dupes just walk past it sometimes without grabbing a mask, and then they end up standing in the vacuum of space trying to breathe.
  • I like that the air filters need power now. It's just a tiny bit of power, but I feel like it really balances it out. They even had an animation before, although they weren't powered. They seemed way overpowered and I'd just put them everywhere, now I actually have to plan where I want them.
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