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  1. Fantastic update. Great idea with drilling space points of interest, because depending only on "haha infinite geyser goes brr" was kind of sad. I like that vacuum+food refrigeration issue is being addressed. Yet still, i'd really love to have some kind of high-tier research Freezer Building in the game at some point.
  2. 6 days without dupes... what have we become?
  3. Oooohhh i see. We need more of those. And of her.
  4. No idea what's with that half-larvae dupe, but i love the concept and every implementation so much!
  5. I swear there was a video somewhere of a fresh dupe with anemic trait in exosuit trying to climb a pole (or was it ladder?). Does anyone know where to find it?
  6. "Delicious... what am i doing with my life..." - From Brothgar's new series.
  7. I hope Sweepy would still be useful for picking up regolith and magma without space materials. Or at all.