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  1. Interesting. What uses are you suggesting for it?
  2. Pliers. Lack of pretty much everything else is tolerable. But pliers are just too good.
  3. 6 days without dupes... what have we become?
  4. Ohhh, this is a very nice idea. They indeed fit the cold biome nicely.
  5. Wait, so... Will this DLC be a completely separate game mode from base game? I mean, i was hyped for space not being a mess anymore, and for smaller asteroids in general. Having to switch between two seems unintuitive somehow.
  6. Oooohhh i see. We need more of those. And of her.
  7. No idea what's with that half-larvae dupe, but i love the concept and every implementation so much!
  8. I swear there was a video somewhere of a fresh dupe with anemic trait in exosuit trying to climb a pole (or was it ladder?). Does anyone know where to find it?
  9. "Delicious... what am i doing with my life..." - From Brothgar's new series.
  10. I just realized how neat it would've been to be able to upgrade some of our existing buildings to their more efficient variants with tons of science and maybe blueprints from space. Just imagine Oil Refinery being able to work as efficient as Petroleum Boiler, but without the need to actually build one.
  11. Really nice. I have absolutely no idea how multiple colonies are supposed to work, but i'm looking towards it! Keep being great. Also, for the love of everything holy, add pliers tool in the base game.
  12. I hope Sweepy would still be useful for picking up regolith and magma without space materials. Or at all.