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Feedback after 300 cycles

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Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Perec. I built 9 bases in 2000 + cycles each. I am the author of numerous guides and schemes with my own design.
You can check my channel

Here is my feedback after 300 cycles AlphaTest. (then the game crashes constantly)
First of all, I would like to say that I really like the game, I really enjoy the innovations, I really like the new biome, I really like that you (the developers) are working on the new content.
I used to write everything short and clear, so take the review below as something positive, but without emotions. I really love the game. Let's get started.


1. Slugs do not give as much energy as it seems to be (400w / 600 * 60 = 40w per cycle), and considering that they eat ore, taming them is not profitable. There was no need to nerf them. In their current form, you shouldn't bother with them at all.

2. Electric air purifier. It's sadness) The wire on the air purifier takes too long to build away from the base. This is too much of a hassle. It will be very difficult for beginners!

3. Rocket building process is very cool. Liked.

3_1. But you also need to automatically build a ladder next to the rockets, along with a new module, so as not to bother with ladders that hang in space. These ladders are better to leave in the past.

3_2. The ladder can also be made not on the side of the missile platform, but built in two cells from the edge, i.e. where the main staircase will go. Or elsewhere, the main thing is that the duplicates climb onto the rockets without our ladders.

3_3. It might be better to make an entrance to the platform so that the duplicants can enter through the bottom, rather than climb the stairs, this would be logical and would not cause problems with the stairs.
3_4. It is also better to fill the rocket with fuel through the platform, thus completely transferring manual construction in space to automatic construction. It is very comfortable.
3_5. Rocket ports make it difficult to build ladders near the platform. Read above:)


4. I don't like building rockets inside. The micromanagement feeling is not mine. IMHO. It's like playing a different game.

4_1. Too much abuse. It is possible to replace the cell in the rocket and build outside the steel blocks. You can also get steel by dismantling these blocks.
4_2. You can transport any number of resources inside the rocket. Including liquids. An abuse that cannot be eradicated. It doesn't look very good.
4_3. As a result, there will be a couple of standard schemas for the arrangement of the rocket's interior. You build a rocket with standard buildings. Then you build a second one and again with the same schema. Nothing more than boring and waste of time
4_4. Proposal - maybe it is worth it for the command module to introduce an internal warehouse - oxygen, food, a compartment with waste - carbon dioxide, and wasted water. For this, remove the interior. They loaded oxygen and food. Upon arrival, we unload carbon dioxide and polluted water, supplement with oxygen and food if necessary. 500 kg oxygen, 100 kg food, and 100 kg waste per duplicate. eg:)

5. When moving a duplicate to another planetoid or rocket - you need to assign a table for food, a bed again and again. And if you fly often to equip the base, then it starts to annoy.
6. Rockets are sometimes not refueling with carbon dioxide, it only helps to disassemble the engine and rebuild.
7. It is not possible to fly more than 2 parsecs on sugar. Mistake? Or such conditions were specially made for alpha?
8. The starting swamp biome is very cool and unique. It is worth adding small blotches of this biome on the planetoids.
9. Diagnostics (selected parameters) are reseted after loading the save.
10. There is no randomness on the planetoids, perhaps for the alpha.
11. The mask is too uncomfortable to use. Or have the duplicates put the mask back in place. Or, let the mask not release oxygen when lying on the floor and could be reused. Now it is better not to build it at all. Although I found a solution, put only 1 duplicate into space in a mask for space analysis using doors and a filter. But it looks and feels like an unfinished feature.
12. Duplicants began to come across with very bad parameters :) It became more difficult to choose. But it's ok. I didn’t like the other - duplicate with + (plus) operating and at the same time with - (minus) operating in skills. Maybe you should exclude the same pros and cons? 

Oxygen Not Included Screenshot 2020.11.30 -

Oxygen Not Included Screenshot 2020.11.30 -

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Вот уж кого-кого, а Дока я не ожидал увидеть на форумах)

I didn't expect to see Dr. Perec on the forums)

I agree, O² Masks should be improved or reworked, they are nearly unusable in their current state, even if they are "cheap version of exosuits"

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Agree for every word 

Slugs eat ore but ore are not recoverable resource. its awful

We need build a ladder on the space for get access the rocket and at the same time rocket is autobuild.. its a little strange. A good way is autobuild ladder as a part of all construction or better way make an entrance through the platform (without any ladders)

There is very little space in the rocket cockpit for standard buildings. In this current state, the interior is not good game experience. There is need to unique rocket interior reduced constructions or lager space

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