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  1. Just skip a ladder segment dupes can still climb ladder and you can cross with transit tube
  2. I so agree on you with the rocket interior design, it could be awesome but as it is... i made a long lengthy post about it about my playthrough but it's still alpha and they have a long way to go with this dlc !
  3. But not really, since filtering water is not really the same as getting salt out of it, the process usually involves evaporation, now 40° water doesnt evaporate at standar atmo pressure, but it does still evaporate nonetheless at any temp, so im guessing you could say the desalinator make a low or vacuum chamber to help the water evaporate and heats it to 40° to help it do so and desalinate. To me that machine makes sense but then again its just a game
  4. I second that, but calculation would be horrible since the more food the more stable the temperature
  5. I feel dirt is already kind of overabundant, and a mud geyser would be one of those geyser i would want to deal with. What would you do with all the dirt afterwards ? We have no good way of disposing of dirt, i mean we have load of ways, but they all amount in g/s and you'd be getting a somethin g like a volcano erruption of 100-500kg of material
  6. Hey glad you asked i didnt explain properly i guess, so sorry The items themselves would be always the same, but you'd just have the right to put more of them in the space of the rocket depending on its tier, but tiered rockets could have more of them. Wichever but you woudnt be able to min max anything since the limit will be on the survival items themselves, So it woudn't matter if you put it on top or in the bottom part, you'd still only have X water containers, X rocket carbon skimmer. But it is important that these items be different from the ones we have in the game currently, i mean one skimmer can take care of all the dupes otherwise. Same thing goes for the now obsolete cargo bay, i mean a cargo bay once unlocked the only other constraint on it is the rocket carry weight itself, but why not add gas compactors, they cost more tech, more energy, if you run out well .... better pray that batch of natural gas you're bringing back doesn't kill you before you get there.. Or the containment bay, since the dupe can now travel through the rocket he'd have to have husbandry to maintain the critters fed or tranquilised in their cages, don't have husbandry ? Critter mayhem in space. You want to bring back nuclear material, better have a dupe that has that last skill in the digging tree for containing that properly or radiation might kill you I feel like the rocket system could use so many great ideas to make space trully challenging if you're greedy ! And all of that stems from having a fully accessible rocket by the dupe from the inside. A rocket that isnt built from the outside but the inside. I understand klei wanted to maybe go with what they had before, but what we had before was tedious and mostly boring frankly speaking on the rocket part. And now we againt get a bazillion different rocket parts and we have to understand them, and once we do we'll stack em in a wiki sheet about how to built rocket for first planet and second and so on. You plan out a nice rocket trip with 1 dupe that has the required skills , and fed the systems right, didn't skimp on things because you want stuff early well the mission goes well. My ultimate point is, if Klei wants to go for an inside build, they should go all the way. There is a world of things to do with rockets by just changing their perspective to the inside.
  7. Hi there here's a few of my feedbacks for my DLC test, i'll try to avoid talking about any bugs here - Smaller maps are amazing, a lot less lag much more fun ! - As it is, and as many have said, oxygen masks are useless, not only do they create a gaping void but dropped masks everywhere, the sheer metal usage etc, i plainly skipped and dealt with dupes being under different debuffs. Not sure how i would go around to a early/mid game solution for environmental protection. Maybe you went a bit too far ? Maybe they should only be protective masks(reusable with low cost in material) that protect from chlorine, co2, polluted water on skin etc effects, but still makes dupes hold their breath. And For the mid game we usually assume oxygen in pipes and if you feed it you can choose between the type of mask it gives the dupes (Protective) or (Breathing), and end game would still be Atmo since they have both. But there's a lot of fiddling with balancing cost etc. I could also see a use for the oxygen mask in a more contained single dupe use for entering critter ranches that have special biomes like hydrogen or chlorine plants. It would go wonderfully well with a self contained tunnel ^^. - The rocket program is much more accessible but at the same time you've created meta rockets. The limited space inside makes it so if it stays in this state players will just google 'best rocket inside oni setup' and copy that' and i think that's not the goal of oni. A bigger interior would not make sense, but life support systems as part of the rocket that need to be fueled with various things. Oxgen for life support, power (i believe) could be provided to feed everything (battery), feed it with some kind of food. This would be a whole module, inside the rocket itself there would be like food distribution, heat generation from power supplied, and oxygen from the o2 supply, the co2 skimmer included in the "Life support module" would also consume power. Witch give an amazing opportunity for more higher tiers of "Life support modules" so you can survive longer in the rocket and not die of cold or co2 intoxication. The module itself could be a space you build in everything, batteries, co2 scrubbers etc, and even small tiny kitchen , the bigger the space the more you can fit inside, but i feel everything in this module should be separate from normal items, otherwise storing 20tons of oxylite in a storage container just ruins everything. On a smaller scale we would have all these things, and the dupe would have to go maintain his rocket in the life support module. There truly is a lot to do with the new rocket concept and i feel right now the direction it takes is boring, and not in any way challenging. And instead of having exterior modules, maybe you'd have tiered rockets that have more space inside where you can build all the space equipment installations I also feel for colonizing we should have a colonizer rocket in line with what i said previously, but it would need to make several trips with "modules" until a base can be constructed on site. Each costing varying materials, maybe even blueprint what we would want to build and adjust costs based on that, so that colonizing another asteroid is fun, challenging and also takes some investment. - Critters I think we all really love the new critters especially the symbiosis relationship. I do find it sad we don't have more ways to generate sulfur now, after i mined (and used some) all my first map i had about 200 tons sulfur. At about 300 cycles in i had 150, and this is without ranching the critters because feeding them sulfur is useless they still rub against plants, and didn't want to waste it when it could be made into food instead. Granted i don't know if the "rubbing"speed is faster when ranched ? The sucrose generation is kind of off for me, a full 8 critter ranch produces enough for 2.66 grub grubs, i feel a better ratio would be 8 for 3.33 grub-grubs so you would produce almost enough for a full grub grub ranch of 8 with 2 full ranches of sweetle, and you'd need a third ranch if you want excess sucrose for rockets. Speaking of sucrose, it is and ideal candidate as an added moral bonus for mess tables along with table salt ! a small +1. Or perhaps new coffee with sugar that have a bit more morale than normal you can pick. - Metals At first i thought cobalt would not be a problem, but it was a problem, i had a lot of it in the beginning and it all went away. So as it is for the energy bugs they consume a lot ! Maybe they should require some kind of new plant specific to them to produce electricity ? Either way cobalt in itself is not a great addition as a food source for the critters. - Mud and Polluted Mud Amazing, in the sens it required you to work to get your water going and is an amazing source of oxygen..... buuuuuuut it's supposed to be oxygen not included, and frankly it was so included i almost didn't worry about it. Love the idea, maybe reduce the natural sublimation to something much lower so the player has to work to get to breathe ^^. The idea in itself is great, and i would even like to see it implemented in other ways where instead of just mining and element, you mine a chunk of say 60% sedimentary rock, 17% granite 3% Gold ore , 10%iron ore, 10% sulfur. And you'd have to break it down in the rock breaker to be able to use the individual parts. This doesn't mean there aren't pure blocks just not all of them are pure and need to be processed. Space How i disliked the space biome, my god the 2400+ tons of regolith to dispose of using voles, the god awful meteorite shower that needed three thousand L-miners .... Well now it nice and cold, full of dirt ! But at the same time it went from harsh ******* space to "Hello there my name is space and I'm friendly now". I mean i deconstructed the abundant glass provided by the game with the new teleporters and everything (even without glass is easy to make), and built a great many solar panels, boom power fixed, no downside, no maintenance, no cost, no duper labor. Now I'm not saying bring back the 'roids please don't they're awful, but add some maintenance to space equipment, something like space radiation, buildings would require space insulation or protection in the form of cobalt, or any other thing. Also i think space should hurt dupes without atmo suits, space is not forgiving, and it shouldn't be. Oxygen mask would help but dupes would still take damage, cold damage, skin damage, eyes freezing it's a terrifying place you know. In that sense and towards getting to atmo suits a few balancing is going to be surely required. I got mine quite easily frankly, i got drecko eggs, and even though i didnt have anything to feed them with i just put the in hydrogen and sheered them. I feel alot of the critters in this sense have a bit of a chease to them while wild, while it's a more slow producing cirtter, i didnt feel like it was that slow to get 12 atmo suits and never worry about anything. I am guessing , since i haven't visited all available asteroids that some may have showers still, and that would be okay that would just make an even harsher environment to get a foothold on, as it should be, and that's where end game materials for nuclear and more should be found, like the niobium volcanoes and such. Alerts Much better ! But we need limits because as it is it beeps all the time for nothing. I also like the resource monitor we really needed that and i was so glad to see it included in the game ! So much clearer to keep track of things i want. Here's a list of things i have read elsewhere i agree upon or simple additions i have always wanted in this game - The snipping tool, please we beg you, anyone who has played this game hundreds of hours yearns for a simple cut snip tool like the mod provides. Block it under some skill, even advanced, but snipping a cable insted of deconstructing and rebuilding is a must. - Dupe AI, they're still getting stuck, i like the alert but I'd like them not getting stuck ^^, i know i'm dreaming. - The waterlocks mechanics have always baffled me, i really hope some day an alternative is provided, like a powered sealed tunnel to keep areas separate, from temperature and gas/liquid - Same goes for stopping heat transfer from power wired with vacuum, a simple COSTLY type of connector that insulates would just be so nice, i mean it could be made of insulation, 3 tiles wide or whatever, and until you get it you deal with vacuums and messy ugly liquid locks. - We have mess tables yes, but what about beautiful mess tables ? And cots yes, but what about bunk beds, for even less comfort and more compacted dupes !!! We have coffee yes, but what about tea ? - A kitchen room that gives boost to the cook, however small, because god dammit he deserves to be happy that cook, he's always alone you know it, at leat let us say it his kitchen and not just random room. - A very questionable morale bonus to productivity, or agility, or something, maybe even individual per dupe; per 20 morale (or more) above the dupes requirement. So if our good old Meep has 24/67 morale he gets a bonus to his eyebrows and he can run 5% faster - I would very much like to be able to build 4 tile high rooms, i think it is a standard among us oni players, but they can only be built from the top , and that makes me sad. - We need that abyssalite heat exchange to be zero, not almost zero, not almost almost zero, but zero. It has been plaguing the ONI community for too long now. On that note, too much heat is deleted in the production of insulation when using 1500° abyssalite. I'd see a machine that breaks down the abyssalite into powder and cools it to 40°, the machine would require cooling, and would be very heat intensive depending on the abyssalite temperature. Plus it makes more sens using reed fiber + abyssalite powder to make insulation. Just my thoughs on that pesky abyssalite. - I wan't a magma pump (not the cheesy one not touching magma). Please don't hit me. Or in general i want more ways to interact with magma in the very late game - As it is if i want to place all critters in the open map i just build a 1x3 room with doors and a critter drop spot, i would like a "no limit" after 20 on the critter dropper. Doing it anyway is child play and i feel just give us the option. I have loved trying the dlc and will experiment more with what it offers until it ends. Cheers to the dev team
  8. This is not a bug, if you hover on the water in the desalinator it will tell you the water temp will be 40° or hotter. It was a change brought in back when the fixed the electrolyzer outputtin water at 75° meaning you could delete temp if you input water a +75°
  9. Hello, - Carbon skimmer works when placed in carbon dioxyde but as soon as it stops it will never start back up - No pipe backups, it has power - If deconstructed and reconstructed it works again - In the picture it is in 2 tile high CO2 and will not start unless reconstructed. - Bottom 2 tiles are CO2 top 2 are a mix of O2 and PO2