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  1. Just skip a ladder segment dupes can still climb ladder and you can cross with transit tube
  2. But not really, since filtering water is not really the same as getting salt out of it, the process usually involves evaporation, now 40° water doesnt evaporate at standar atmo pressure, but it does still evaporate nonetheless at any temp, so im guessing you could say the desalinator make a low or vacuum chamber to help the water evaporate and heats it to 40° to help it do so and desalinate. To me that machine makes sense but then again its just a game
  3. This is not a bug, if you hover on the water in the desalinator it will tell you the water temp will be 40° or hotter. It was a change brought in back when the fixed the electrolyzer outputtin water at 75° meaning you could delete temp if you input water a +75°
  4. Hello, - Carbon skimmer works when placed in carbon dioxyde but as soon as it stops it will never start back up - No pipe backups, it has power - If deconstructed and reconstructed it works again - In the picture it is in 2 tile high CO2 and will not start unless reconstructed. - Bottom 2 tiles are CO2 top 2 are a mix of O2 and PO2