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[Game Update] - 441629

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Hello everyone, it's a new week! We've got a whole bunch of fixes for you, thank you so so much for all your reports, discussions, and suggestions!

  • Renamed all new traits and swapped out their placeholder descriptions
  • Info dialog screens (i.e. the "Inspect" popup) no longer crash when escape is paused.
  • "Inspect" pop up screen can be closed with escape/right click.
  • Fix occasional quirk in planet namegen
  • Updated planetoid descriptions
  • Food diagnostic no longer alerts 'NO FOOD' on load
  • Diagnostic rows should load in to a neutral state. Still need to unpause and play for a bit to get real data.
  • Added Teleporter strings
  • Toilet diagnostic will only alert is no toilets are available. Label shows working toilets : Duplicant count.
  • Updated sucrose descriptions
  • Temporarily renaming and removing the abilities from the astronaut skills as these are not currently hooked up to the new rocketry system yet.
  • Disabled skill granting traits that give the astronaut skills as these skills have not been adapted to the new rocketry system yet.
  • The launch button now changes state when pressed to let you know that a launch is underway. Dupes will remember that a launch is underway even if they were distracted and try again. A launch underway is save/loaded.
  • If a launch was underway and a rocket evaluates its conditions to fail, the launch gets cancelled. (Prevents surprise launches!)
  • Fixed the launchpad would incorrectly report that cargo still needed loading when a rocket took off and relanded on it.
  • Fix liquid geysers not emitting if they were in a gas environment.
  • Centering the Warp Conduit Sender and Reciever artwork to it's center pivot point (the building itself still requires an adjustment)
  • Add sound effects to duplicants coughing from contaminated oxygen
  • Removed broken codex entry
  • Use Dupes' actual world to check their assignment validity
  • Fix crash from a building before before it had fully spawned. This was affecting Porta Pods in debug
  • Pass on planet namegen strings
  • Sludge Press collision is now 3 tiles tall, to match the artwork.
  • Launch Pads can no longer be built inside rockets. Fixed some strings related to building restrictions as well.
  • Prevent boon POIs from spawning in magma.
  • Reworded Carbon Dioxide engine description
  • Fix formatting for drowning under Growth Halted. Before it looked as if drowning/saturated was listed twice as a status. With correct formatting it's a lot clearer what the intent is.
  • Fixed some invalid world gen seeds by reducing the amount of guaranteed POIs and adding extra children to key biomes.
  • "Wrangle" effects are now properly centered on the target critter
  • Fixed issue allowing multiple rocket nose cone modules to occupy the same spot in the rocket stack
  • Fixed issue sometimes preventing changing a larger rocket module into a small module
  • Fixed issue preventing the "Change module" button from working on first click
  • Existing module button is grey'd out when choosing a replacement module
  • Sublimation Station automation port was not on the building but above it.
  • Fixed several issues with Plug Slugs where they could sleep sideways on a wall or would cause invalid port overlaps.
  • Emission blocked tooltip displays the emitting element instead of the tile's element.
  • Fixed Geyser codex entry
  • Fixed Bog Bucket description referring to Meal Lice
  • Solved codex crash caused by incomplete lore entry hookup
  • Resource screen should reflect resource pinned state on open
  • Fix the launch pad side screen to show rockets in orbit
  • Fix crash clicking on Planter with a Wheezewort planted.
  • Get rid of the cloud saves bouncer on the load screen when cloud saves are unavilable
  • The rocket build screen no longer crashes in debug mode.
  • More diagnostics strings are localizable
  • Clarified Resource side panel "pinning" tooltip

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12 minutes ago, Ipsquiggle said:

Launch Pads can no longer be built inside rockets. Fixed some strings related to building restrictions as well.

fun is over :) it was a straight exploit

12 minutes ago, Ipsquiggle said:

Prevent boon POIs from spawning in magma

thank you!

12 minutes ago, Ipsquiggle said:

More diagnostics strings are localizable


excellent turn around. big list.. gg

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