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Do we need "Can't do X" and "Won't do X" traits?

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It does not benefit. But it does contribute.

ONI is a game about imperfections, complications and inconveniences at its core.

LIke, goddamn rock crushers needing manual labour despite being of prettu much automatize'able construction.

Or duplicant brains keeping forgetting from which side they approached this particular place at which they have to build a wall, which leads to self-entombment.

Room's Decor Score vs need to ensure oxygen flow vs sustaining acceptable room temperature.

And so much more.

'Can't X' type traits just add to it. I believe it is possible to have a superhero Duplicant with all skills at max (even for a price paid in Stress). But all Duplicants can't be such superheroes - because of those traits.

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18 hours ago, goboking said:

To be clear, I'm not opposed to the idea of these negative traits.  I'm just wondering if we need the trait pool diluted by both variations when one or the other suffices.

If I go for efficiency in a late game base, having a lower skill cap let´s me treat the duplicant like if he can´t do the task at all.

[Like only a grease monkey can make refining gold amalgam energy postive ...]


But with the current system your duplicants starting skill will be raised to compensate for a bad trait (and the traits seem weighted):

=> It introduces a new layer of planning regarding early and late game duplicants/traits

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