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My first space mission didn't go so well...

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R.I.P. Tomato, you were a very good dupe...

So, I launched my first rocket for a test trip of just 0.5 cycles from one planetoid to the other, and...
The inside of the cockpit did not have air or food, and poor Potato had an already half-depleted oxygen mask and a very empty belly.

Rest in peace, sweet dupe.


p.s. also my rocket is stranded in space. Damnit.

(really loving the alpha, I just need to get a grip on everything ahahahah)


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Yup, I had that problem too.  I learned that you can build inside of the cockpit though, so I outfitted it with one of those new sublimators, a battery, and a power wheel.  Granted, I had similar problems when I landed on my first asteroid...

Great game :D

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4 minutes ago, goboking said:

So we have to supply rockets with food and oxygen now?  Awesome!  Do we have to give them a place to sleep or use the bathroom too?

My dupe wasn't able to hold it inside the rocket so I guess yeah, we should be able to provide them with an actual functioning home.

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