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  1. I found out the Grubgrubs lose their body at random, as described in the following images. I also found out that they lose it everytime I get too close with the camera.
  2. After building a rocket and completing all the checklist but the 'Missing crew' one, trying to add a duplicant in the 'Change Crew' menu will result in every dupe having a 'This duplicant is on a different planetoid' tooltip. This does not affect the ability to add duplicants to the crew as long as they can actually pilot rockets. Steps to reproduce: Build a full rocket Select the head of the rocket Select the 'Change Crew' button
  3. After building a complete rocket and clicking on the rocket plaftorm, if you hover over any of the 'Launch Preparation' check list items, the relative tooltip will start flashing on the screen. Steps to reproduce Build a rocket Click on the Rocket Platform Go to Status>Launch Preparation Hover on any of the check list items
  4. Hi Klei! I've started a Peaceful game with Custom Settings with Invincible Stress and Disease, to enjoy the new build, but after 6 cycles, my dupes started getting constantly Food Poisoning, and (I don't know if this is intended or not) Morbs started spawning from the bathrooms and infected everyone with Slimelung. The problem is that not only they get the disease and get ill at 100% Immunity, but after they're cured, EVERYONE then gets ill a second time, even when there's no germs in them at all! One of my dupes 'contracted Slimelung by breathing Oxygen', when there was no more Slimelung in the base and she was completely germ free. It's very odd that they re-get the diseases after one or more dupes get cured, and this has become a constant cycle. I'll attach the Save File and OutputLog to help you understand, but this has happened to every other game I've started since the Oil Upgrade Preview. At the current time I can no longer play as it is impossible to reach even cycle 35-40 with dupes constantly getting diseases in a loop. Thank you very much for listening! p.s. pls send help The Big Dinner Family.sav output_log.txt