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  1. That screenshot only shows 19.6 kg of Bleach Stone, which is less than the 50 required. Is it possible that the rest is locked away somewhere that your dupes don't have access to? I've definitely done that before...
  2. Radbolt automation has been on my personal wish list for a while. Thanks, Klei!
  3. What's the interior looking like? It says "Pilot requested at control station" in one of those screenshots which I believe means that it will launch as soon as the pilot sits at the control station. Is that station disabled or missing?
  4. For what it's worth, having slimelung on the dupes has no impact whatsoever. Slimelung is only an issue if the dupes breath it. They can be covered in it head to toe and so long as their air supply is clean then they won't get sick
  5. It worked great! The one issue that I had was during the filling phase (stage 4 in your video). Whenever the liquid methane got above ~180kg per tile it would start to boil off as natural gas. This was using thermium radiant pipes for cooling, too, so not too sure why it couldn't keep everything cool enough. As a fix, I wound up setting the automation to start pumping out methane when over 100kg and it's been running fine with no issue, even with the incoming 2kg/s of crude. No complaints, 10/10, would use tuxii industries for future projects!
  6. I built it last night and started to pre-heat it. Hoping to pipe in the crude this evening. Thanks for the design! I surrounded it all in a vacuum chamber, so no safety recall needed
  7. Ah, thank you! I had the same issue, but I didn't realize what the issue is. It's exactly that, I had a dupe on a different planet and didn't reassign them to a new table.
  8. Even worse, if you select the dropped mask and manually equip it on a dupe, it still won't let them pass the oxygen mask checkpoint