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More sea survival content??

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Thinking of things like:
New Spawn platform start with few mats to build a boat and necessary items to survive on a boat for some time before finding other mats to make fires and so on.

You start with single boat and some food for everyone that joins, meaning ya gotta work on resource management tightly to distribute food and such.

Crates with some basics (Stone, normal logs, maybe flint or gold, rarely maybe seeds of some kind or pig skins...) spawning along with the sea graveyard biomes, since there's these mysterious planks all around from other ship wreckages.

Use the "fishing net" as a trawling net that you toss into one of those sort of wreckage biomes to gather junk out of the ocean.

Sea platforms to plant saplings, tufts and maybe tree planters? Or add a some sort of sea plant (similar to mangrove in shipwrecked) that you could cultivate within your built platforms.

Maybe tiny islands with those necessary resources and set pieces? (aka lunar island, tiny forest, spider island...)

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