Argument/Intent redirection confusion

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So we have Bait


which forces all of enemy's arguments and intents to target the Bait argument. We also have an assortment of cards that force all of enemy's arguments and intents to target a specific argument, such as Conductor, Fall Guy, and Scapegoat.





However, using these cards against enemy's AOE arguments and intents does not force em to target only the selected argument. So I'm confused as to why Bait is allowed to, essentially, block the AOE part of enemy's arguments and intents but the aforementioned cards aren't.

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There's a difference between "must target this BEFORE anything else" and "force everything to target this thing", if you want to rule lawyer. The rule lawyer thinks that aoe aren't affected by the second effects because it is already targeting it, while it is affected by the first effect because it can't target anything else before bait is targeted and destroyed.

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