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Finally a Solution to the Griefer Problem!

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Over at (DST) Don’t Fight (discord.gg/phewTaz), one of our amazing admins, Kova, has found the solution to the griefer problem on DST!

How you ask? Well, he has written an epic bot that does a variety of things including:

- Provides a connection between Discord and the game. We can send any command to the game from Discord and vice versa. Need something fixed, rolled back, restarted, regened? - we don't have to join the game server to do it, we type the command in discord and it takes effect in game.
- Shows everyone in discord who is online on all the servers #online-players
-Shows us player inventories (to help combat stealing)
- Auto stops griefer burning/fires
- Writes messages from game to discord (and vice versa)  #dft1 dft2 etc. This means that the in game chat for all the servers is shown in discord so everyone can see what is happening, who said what and helps root out toxicity in game. It also means that you can write a message in discord and it will appear in the in game chat
- Has an inbuilt language filter 
- Shows how many days players have played a) in our servers overall and b) in a particular game
- Shows other interesting stats like how many boss kills you've had, and how many times you've died ;)
- Has a complete inbuilt penalization system (works on a points based system) and bans griefers #penalization-system
- Runs a warnlist and banlist 

And BAM, just like that major inroads have been made to resolving the griefer issue.

Having played on many many servers I have found that this bot makes a major difference to the enjoyment of the game. Shoutout to Kova for making this game changer of a bot.

To check it out join our discord here: discord.gg/phewTaz or join any of the Don't  Fight Together game servers

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10 hours ago, gaymime said:

has anyone verified this yet?

It has been verified by 33 788 unique players who joined our servers since 20th February 2020 til today (28th October 2020), where 1 025 players played at least 100 in-game days on our servers (since that time). We have totally banned 1 418 players so far. Circa 60% of them were banned by the bot. :) You can join the discord to see what the bot can do..

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