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  1. We host 5 DST servers and one of them is endless server. The endless server has had massive lag spike if run it in long term. Today, I spotted weird thing in htop. Normal CPU usage is usually around 10% for one shard of DST in idle state in day 0-30. However, our endless server uses 50-52% of CPU while being idle. TheSim is paused. This is 5x worse performance in idle. -------- I have been investigating debugging the thing that can cause the lag by simple removing the items with the largest count: items = {} for i, k in pairs(Ents) do if k.prefab then if items[k.prefab] == nil then items[k.prefab] = 0 end items[k.prefab] = items[k.prefab] + 1 end end max = 0 max_i = '' for i,k in pairs(items) do if k > max then max = k max_i = i end end c_announce(max_i) c_announce(max) c_removeall(max_i) However firstly, I just removed all the inventory items (prefabs that have inventoryitem component), there were 5500 inventory items. I bet some of them were floating in the water, e.g. seeds, or white logs. The CPU went on 42% but it was NOT enough. After removing 351x bullkelp_plant_leaves, and bullkelp_plant, the CPU went on 32-34%. There is 209x [boat_player_collision, boat_item_collision, walkingplank, boatlip, boat]. The CPU went below 10%.
  2. Tried to run c_removeall('little_walrus') c_removeall('icehound') ..it didn't help. Save file: https://dontfight.club/test/walrus_bug.zip It might be also related to moonstone statue event when the hound became a statue. /shrug
  3. I can confirm that there are words with no Glommer statue The chance of getting this is around 2,26 %. We got it 178 times out of 7857 regenerates.
  4. See: https://dontfight.club/test/log1b.txt
  5. Have you already fixed it? Wow, that was fast
  6. We can not load the world after the new patch. Log file server4: https://dontfight.club/test/log1.txt Log file server1: https://dontfight.club/test/log4.txt
  7. Something is wrong: v1 is nil stale component reference? It has to be something with buzzard
  8. This is done because of some mods. We got problems with Adventure mods The mods that crash the server: Adventure Mode (like DS) (1847959350) Teleportato / Wooden Thing / Worldjump (756229217) Think Tank Recipe Hider (1858820709) With the combination of these mods - these mods are okay... we can start the server with those mods: Don't Fight Announcer (server mod) Global Positions (378160973) Show Me (Origin) (666155465) Language Filter (1951934321) Dont Fight Together Buttons (2013788581) Simple Health Bar DST (1207269058)
  9. Heya, one of the players on the server tried to hitch a beefallo that was undefined causing the crash. You can see the tail of the log in the attachment. Or Zarklord has the access to our server logs available on the discord. https://discord.com/channels/340619088399433730/614152254835916810/809107884348407888 tail_of_the_log.txt
  10. The trace log begins with: [string "scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua"]:103: attempt to concatenate local 'id' (a nil value) So I assume simple nil test will fix that. Nonetheless, it killed the server and we needed to restart it. The trace log is available in the attachment or Zarklord has the access to our discord log: https://discord.com/channels/340619088399433730/614152254835916810/808408681761865838 tail_of_the_log.txt