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How to load an item into an item with RMB?

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I've tuned up my bow fully now, but the only hitch I have is that I have to manually drag the arrows into the bow's inventory. What I would like is something like how you can right click on slingshot ammo to load it into the slingshot's inventory, or right clicking on an item to equip it when that's valid. What's the modding way to do this?



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I've seen how to create an action (like when you mouse over a weapon and you see 'equip' - that word is an action) but I've no idea how to turn that into something that'll load the item into that unique inventory slot.


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At first I wanted to add custom action for reloading, but after 2 hours of digging in game files I have found the easier way.

 You just need to add this


:  above

if not TheWorld.ismastersim then
    return inst

inside your ammo/arrows.lua

and this:



under "if not TheWorld.ismastersim ".


It's simple solution. It of course lacks elegance, but at the end of the day it works.


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Sorry, I probably should've mentioned I made a widget for the inventory of the bow - so I can't add the arrow to the bow using that method. I CAN add the arrows to the slingshot - so I'm assuming it's something that the slingshot's inventory widget has.



Edit: Sorted it! I changed the statement that only allows arrows to be stored in that slot to be closer to how the slingshot does it. :D

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