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We should have the ability to craft grass tufts, saplings and the 3 sorts of berry bushes on the landscaping tab via Terra Firma Tamper

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chirsg    398

While we're still in beta, it would be a great opportunity to trial this. Time is running out and I'm bold enough to say that this is a fantastic idea. It's not exactly glamorous and won't have people doing standing ovations while applauding with tears in their eyes, but it's one of those ideas which if later implemented, I will wager will make people say "I didn't know I wanted this until I had it."

The process of acquiring the terra firma tamper is an arduous one and quite frankly, very frivolous. I bet that groups will generally have bigger priorities to tend to rather than having a machine that simply just crafts turf. Why not give us the option to add more to landscaping that just ground? Especially those who spend hours in this game making their world as beautiful as they can that unfortunately run short on plants when they're landscaping.

And another issue are worlds that do not spawn with spiky berry bushes or juicy. Would be another very nice addition to the landscaping tab. More landscaping.

Like, comment subscribe. Even if you hate this idea and would never want this filth anywhere near your worlds, drop a blue heart for me. 


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I don't have this, and I know I want it. 
The 2 servers I'm playing on, both the community one and the solo endless one are both COMPLETELY barren, not a single grass tuft in the map anymore.


We need this.



And there was light

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