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Could Astral Projector Point to Celestial Tribute?

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Currently Crab King is a massive needle in a haystack of ocean. There are no breadcrumbs to indicate his location like there is with bottled messages pointing to Pearl's island. Perhaps the Astral Projector could point the way towards the Celestial Tribute once it locates all the pieces of the Celestial Sanctum? Or perhaps a device similar to the Astral Projector could be crafted to help track down the location of the Tribute. Assuming the three altars are going to be integral to unlocking some endgame content, it would be nice to have the means to track it down besides hours of blind sailing.

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53 minutes ago, JazzyGames said:

Thank you Klei I love you!

oh my god jazzy games is at 666 reputation points hes clearly evil someone ban him

that dumb joke aside yay thanks klei this will save people a lot of time in the future 

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