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Hey grifters,

Here is today's update. There is one more tei quest coming next week, and then we're in to tuning and polishing territory.


  • New quest - The Ctenophorian Heresy - it adds 4 new unique cards which are as of yet unimplemented (details in the code comments)
  • Fix objective completion for the get_luminitiate objective of Three is a Party.
  • Great Lumin Heist- Fix quest location name '{dignitary}'s Boat'
  • Great Lumin Heist- End convo after letting insider off the hook.
  • Add smith random event.
  • Tune the money precondition for event_loan_shark which makes it really rare.


  • Faster dropkicks.
  • Redesign Braggart.
  • Fix Magnetic Pulse not triggering when you Gamble.
  • Fix potential crash with Magnetic Pulse if there are no valid targets.
  • Fix crash using Domain.
  • Crash fix for Wrist Rocket.
  • Fix potential crash if certain Chain cards were returned from a Grout Loot Cluster.


  • Adding color to the Relationship counters on the Run History screen
  • Adding gamepad support to the Run History Screen


  • Fix fx not matching the play speed of the triggering anim.
  • Fix the looping anim task not being triggered at the right time when play speed changes mid-anim.


  • print errors loading local and dev mods into the log, in addition to showing the engine warning.
  • wide strings are no longer considered 'plain' by serpent, and will get escaped and quoted when being serialized out by serpent.

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Thanks to RageLeague for telling me these aren't the new cards added. Below is just a much older set.


The new cards are a neat Smith version of Sal's instincts. 


Inserts either the card Self Promotion or the card Clout into your hand.

Cost: 1

Type: Manipulate

  • Self Promotion:
  • Gain 1 Renown. (Technically adds 2 I think, but it's because Renown now decays)
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Diplomacy


  • Clout: Converts 1 Renown into 1 Dominance
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Hostility

Nepotism either upgrades into...

Courtly Nepotism 

Insert either the card Buffer or the card Compel into your hand

Cost: 1

Type: Diplomacy

  • Buffer
  • Gain 1 Renown and apply Composure equal to half of your Renown stack to it.
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Diplomacy


  • Compel
  • Spend 1 Renown, you next card this turn deals double damage. 
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Diplomacy


Degrading Nepotism

Insert either the card Notion or the card Overturn into your hand.

Cost: 1

Type: Hostility

  • Notion
  • Improvise a hostility card from your draw pile.
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Hostility 


  • Overturn
  • Convert more than 1 Renown into that much Dominance (I think the max amount is 3??)
  • Cost: 0
  • Type: Hostility



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1 hour ago, RageLeague said:

Nepotism is the old basic card that they removed.

Cheers, I dug around a little more and did manage to find them!


Battle cards:

Sacrifice: "Hesh is thirsty!"

  • Gain X amount of Power, but then take X*5 damage.
  • Cost: X
  • Upgrades:
    • 1: Take only X*4 damage
    • 2: Gain X+1 Power

Damnation"I'm not worried about eternity! I've got problems right now!

  • Apply 4 stacks of Damned to either you or your ally, Expends
  • Damned: Each stack adds 1 Power, but when it reaches 0 take 50 damage
  • Cost: 3
  • Upgrades: 
    • Everlasting: No longer Expends
    • Long: Applies 6 stacks of Damned

Negotiation cards:

Blasphemer: "Say your piece quietly - Hesh might hear you!"

  • Incept 1 Blasphemy onto your opponent
  • Blasphemy: 
    • Argument with 5 Resolve
    • Each turn it applies Composure to a random friendly argument.
    • When attacked, it gains 1 extra stack of Blasphemy - even if the attack is negated by Composure
    • When destroyed, deal damage to all friendly arguments equal to its stacks
  • Cost: 1

Open Mind: "Consider all options, no matter how distasteful."

  • Discard your hand, draw 3 cards.
  • Cost: 1
  • Upgrades:
    • Pale: Cost: 0
    • Wide: Draw 4 cards


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