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Make it possible to replace Heavi-Watt Joint Plate with Tile

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"It should also be possible the other way around (Plate -> Tile)."

That would be great, in my colony I probably had to do this manual replacement of the plate something like 100 times. Its a real pain. Especially because of gasses or fluids then moving from one area to the other because of the wall hole(s).

Punching two holes right now on a new construction design:


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I think currently it is not possible to replace a tile with an heavy watt plate instantly, gas will get in during construction.


Trying to build an heavy watt connection in to an steam chamber with another small vacuum chamber in between two joint plates to achieve insulation is a real PITA because of this, and a waste of space.


I was going to suggest that we get insulated heavy watt joint plates because of this.

But being able to replace tiles with joint plates and vice versa, would solve at least the PITA construction.




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