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  1. Before i learned about AT ST and other water cooling systems, there was 3 ways i deal with heat. all 3 are done crappily. first, there the AETN. next, its the cold slush gyser, as said by someone above. Lastly, there using Co2 gyser and oxferns and making somewhat cold o2. if none of this spawns, i just do this thing called alright dupes we are gonna move to that colder place there.
  2. Meanwhile i want more content and maybe spacestations in the DLC or more lore. In i want new content i mean i want new challanges, not more stuff to do the same thing. I play this game to build stuff maybe a giant automated farm or a new ATST design and what not. More content means more stuff to build. Such as the current DLC with its nuclear part. But multiplayer could be done, but in what way? Multiplayer as in players play on the same map? Or multiplayer as in colony can send stuff to each other? Or some other ideas?
  3. oh yeah and they would be on a ocean planet this would give new challanges and maybe floating citys. And maybe the ocean planet could be a ocean of methane or maybe even a frozen cap. wait i forgot dupes sinks like stones
  4. Woooooooooooooooo i am excited for the next next week for the mod!!!(Also the end of the second lockdown here but who cares) !!! Keep up the hard work!
  5. It crashed after opening or creating colony, it may be because i tested my mod? But i have move the mod away from oxygen not included. There are no longer any mods