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Animation file learning is the bane of my existence

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Oh my god I've never had so much trouble trying to learn to do simple animations looking at Custom animation files from Steam to use to try to see if it can work and just not understanding what to do. I gave up on my attempt to do a character and went back to my idea of button eyes for DST characters. But that gosh darn animation! I've tried DAYS on end without luck to compile ANY hat animation because CMD REFUSES to work! Please SOMEBODY make an already made hat Spriter file with all the animations I need to make my life easier!  :mad-new:  :cry:

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39 minutes ago, AndRay said:


Yeah I've tried to use Krane.exe through every way and it just refuses to work and I'm just looking for anyone who could give me the animations I need so that I can have a less stressful time trying everything to force CMD to do something it doesn't know how to do. It refused EVERY SINGLE TIME, and frankly I'm sick and tired of that pain.

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dont know much about ktools, only used them once, but I did not need cmd or sth like this, simply creating and executing a new .bat file with this code (and put into the ktools folder):

krane SourceBin/anim.bin SourceBin/build.bin OutputScml

will convert from the SourceBin folder into the OutputScml folder and finished. Or is this a different problem?
(I'm not even sure if this bat file is already shipped with modtools, but since everyone is talking about cmd, I guess it is not)

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