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  1. Oh, I took a good look at the dumper and found what I was saving. I wanted to pass the last chef who used the crockpot (to test for dynamic recipes, something I want to do in the long future) This explains the call from the dumper. So thanks a lot for helping me; I would never have guessed this would be an issue. On a related note, does a player's ID vary between connections and playthroughs?
  2. Thanks for the info! I read a bit about tail calls but I didn't get it that well. Do you mean my save function is somehow level-recurrent and it crashes the stack? Does that mean I can't save a container info with OnSave? If so, how do containers such as chests save their data? Because the code in the container component iterates and passes items as well. Or is it another call?
  3. I created a new prefab and put in all the customary functions, heavily inspired by the crockpot code (which changed midway due to Forgotten Knowledge adding the new weird crockpot) The game consistently crashes when I save it, either at each end of day or manually, if there is one of my custom prefabs present in the "done" state that is very analogous to the crock pot state. I took a peek at the error logs but they are incredibly unhelpful; only thing I know is that my custom onSave function gets called and then the game crashes on the dumper file. The problematic call seems to be due to a DynamicShadow entry, but I didn't define nor use one throughout the whole prefab file. Can anyone give me some tips? Also, how do I read the dumper crash log? I've attached the zipped mod and the latest crash log. This one was manually triggered by using c_save(). The relevant prefab is marblecounter, and the onSave function is inside its prepstation component. server_log.txt
  4. Can you send your event so I can take a look? I want to double-check the hierarchy.
  5. What do you mean with "it's already active"? If you updated a mod by editing the code on your mod folder, then this should be enough until the mod owner updates it, in which case the game will redownload the entire mod and your changes will be lost. If you duplicated the folder then you should just be able to change the mod name and use it ingame.
  6. Well, you're talking about a method, so it's always the same code, just running thing:TheFunction(). All interactions in the game do this in a sense, since TheWorld calls the needed functions. Or were you talking about something different? EDIT: sending WX to its charged state should be a call of sg:GoToState([the state name]), if I'm not mistaken. You can check the stategraph file for more info.
  7. If there is a function for setting a health absorption rate, there must be a variable, function or check to see which value it currently has, In the worst case, you can just look at the code for the Set function to see where it stores the result.
  8. Thanks a lot! This got me highly curious: how do environments work? This seems like a mighty useful tool to avoid lots of crashes I've been getting.
  9. Minor question: how do I use GLOBAL inside a component file? When calling the reverse lookup function I got "variable GLOBAL is not defined". server_log.txt
  10. And does it fade after a while or they both keep playing? What happens if you enter a third state? But anyway, the only logical explanation I can find is that there is something wrong with the transition/fadeout/finish of the modified event. (Which is weird because the game should use clear KillSound commands so it should bypass that) Try shortening the used track's length and see what happens. Also, if you want to try something a bit deeper, try and set up a keybind to a KillSound call and see if that stops the music. I'd suggest taking a look at some simple mods such as Reset Camera to set it up.
  11. I think damage multipliers are set for each entity, not for each damage source. Taking a look at SGrocky tells me that its shield state is a direct SetAbsorptionRate call, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.
  12. I *think* you can use OnEntityReplicated from the player_classified prefab, that, if I'm not mistaken, sets the events for the client. It might trigger on load, though; the code is not as clear on what happens on the loaded world (either it creates all known entities, or it sets up the classified prefab again from the server prefab; the second case would call the function again) You might also be able to use the player IDs to create a "has spawned" lookup table.