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Load Hair layer over body armor

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Is it possible to load the Hair layer (specifically hair-2) over the armor body?

I'd use the pigtail layers but that doesn't accomplish what I'm trying to do.


Basically trying to accomplish the left but with armor equipped.

I've been looking through the spriter file that compiles the player build but I haven't noticed anything in particular that might do this.

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This isn't really possible by animation because of how the symbols layer themselves, the only symbols high in the z-index than the swap_body is swap_body_tall, hat, pigtails and tail.

Unfortunately the remaining symbols doesn't really give a lot to work with, you can maybe do some art cheating by using the swap_body_tall symbol when its not being used by the one man band or slurtle armor etc. You'll just need to listenforevent for onequip and unequip and check to see if what you have in the torso slot possesses a swap_body_tall symbol, if not then override the symbol with the dummy hair.

For information on how to use it I recommend looking up how to make backpacks, and for finding out if a build has a symbol use this Animstate:BuildHasSymbol("build")

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