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  1. His face is so dang cute
  2. That makes alot of sense actually, Sorry for not inspecting the Ingredient definition myself! That did the trick very nicely! Thank you so much! Thank you both, It's working how I wanted it to and it's thanks to you. @Ultroman @bizziboi I appreciate you guys taking the time to assist me on this. This has been quite the learning experience!
  3. Oof sorry bout that waste of time. After spending some time fidgeting with other bits I came back to re-create the issue to send the logs just to have it suddenly work just fine... I even had this big thing of info typed out and stuff... I believe the issue was somewhere in my prefab name defining spots. As after messing with all of that it works fine. Thank you both for the help in these matters and I'm sorry for wasting time. I did have it written as "GiveItem(SpawnPrefab("beardhair"))" shortly after i'd posted my file. Apologies, I should have updated that accordingly. I do however have one more question: When looking at an item in the crafting menu, it shows the materials required to make it. However one of the items I've added doesn't have an image here. It just shows a blank box. Perhaps this is another oversight on my part. The inventory icon appears fine and it's texture does appear on the ground when dropped. I've attached the modmain file and broken glasses file as well. modmain.lua benglassbutbroken.lua (sorry again about that previous time waster you've been super helpful.)
  4. Is it possible to use GiveItem on another mod item? I've been trying this multiple ways however it always returns an error. It works on anything but items added through the mod.
  5. Is it possible for an armor piece to break when it's not being held by an owner? Without being worn by pigs obviously
  6. I'm having trouble getting it to run the actual giveitem command (Maybe I'm doing it wrong) 91 : function checkGlassDura(inst, owner) 92 : local benglassperc = inst.components.armor:GetPercent() 93 : if benglassperc <= 0 then 94 : inst.components.inventory:GiveItem("beardhair") 95 : end 96 : end However I get the error : Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong? Sorry if I'm making rookie mistakes, coding isn't exactly my forte' benglass.lua (Additionally, Thankyou @Ultroman what you said did lean me in the right direction, took me a while to get to it because I was tryna figure something else out.)
  7. I'm trying to make a helmet type item that when it gets destroyed it drops an item. (either to inventory or on ground) I've been inspecting DST's script files but if I recall correctly, there isn't an item in-game that does this. Is something like this even doable? If it's not, Maybe rather than hit durability I could use usage fuel durability. But again, can this be used to drop an item? Sorry if I'm not making much sense, I'm unsure how to word this out properly.