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[Wigfrid] How Inspiration Works

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Hi there! I decided to make a little thread telling you guys how inspiration works exactly and how you can gain it.

Currently(from what I know as of now) there are two ways to gain inspiration. By attacking enemies or being attacked by enemies.

First here's the formula when you attack an enemy!

local delta = (player_damage * 0.03) * (1 - self:GetPercent())

if target:HasTag("epic") then
	delta = delta * 3

The game takes the damage of the weapon in the players hand and multiplies it by 0.03, then in the other set of brackets the game takes 1 and subtracts the current percentage of the inspiration meter(Important to note that the game uses decimals for percentages. So if your meter is 50% full then the game would use 0.5 to subtract from 0) and finally it multiplies those two brackets together

Additionally, if the enemy the Wigfrid is attacking has the "epic" tag(All bosses have this tag, and so do treeguards and spider queens) the amount of inspiration is multiplied by 3

For example if we assume the player deals 34 damage, and the inspiration meter is at 0 percent.

local delta = (34 * 0.03) * (1 - 0) --The meter is at 0% so the game subtracts 1 by 0

if target:HasTag("epic") then
	delta = delta * 3

34 * 0.03 is equal to 1.02, multiply that by 1 and it stays the same. So you'd get 1.02 inspiration when attacking with a spear assuming your meter is at 0%. If you were attacking a boss you'd get 3.06 inspiration instead.

The game does not take into account damage modifiers such as Wigfrids innate 25% damage boost. The game will use the base damage of the weapon in hand for the formula.

The next and last way to get inspiration is to be attacked! Being attacked very slightly increases your inspiration, this formula is used to determine how much inspiration you gain on being attacked.


local delta = (data.damageresolved * 0.03) * (1 - self:GetPercent())

The game takes the amount of damage dealt to the player and multiplies it by 0.03 and then multiplies by 1 subtracted by the percentage of the inspiration meter.

If we assume Wigfrid is attacked by a hound, which deals 15 damage to her (Hounds deal 20 damage, but due to her innate 25% defense she loses 15 health) And the inspiration meter is empty.

local delta = (15 * 0.03) * (1 - 0) --If inspiration meter is empty, then this is 0

Wigfrid would get 0.45 inspiration. Unlike the last formula she does not get increased inspiration if Wigfrid is attacked by a boss or creature with the "epic" tag.

I hope that helps! Please tell me if there's anything you don't understand and i'll try to help you out. :) 

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