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Idea: Piano

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This was an idea i saw when scrolling thru the comments of a yt vid, here are the details:


Piano: Crafting structure, 6 silk, 4 boards and 2 marble. When interacted with, the character will start playing the piano and provide a sanity boost that counters the drain of dusk and night in a 5 tile radius (the sanity boost stops when you step away more than 10 tiles). Each character might have their own song or smth, or maybe play the current music of the season and fight music if anything takes/deals damage nearby.

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Hey, how about using the piano actually brings up the ui with keys that can actually be played? Like Examining the cookbook brings up the cookbook ui. And there is a plot twist: playing keys does not play the piano- it plays the instrument the character is voiced. Eg-flute for Wendy. It would be fun. 

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And if you play it really BADLY, it could have a _negative_ sanity aura!  : P  (For those of you who are like "You SHOULD be insane all the time in Don't Starve!", well, now you can share the madness.)

Alternate:  If you specifically play _the ragtime song_, people go crazy.  Especially Maxwell.  That'd be harder to program, though...

As usual, anything like this would be even _more_ fun with Wigfrid.  XD


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