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We Should Be Able To See What The Skin Looks Like In-game While In The Store

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I feel like while looking at a skin they should show us what it looks like while playing, at the moment it only shows the characters splash art. Here's a totally well drawn example that i made.  


Basically when you select the item at the store, you can see what it looks like. I know you can just go in the Curio Cabinet, but that feels kinda annoying going in there and then finding the set to see what it looks like.

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i would certainly like it if i could preview an item, even if it were only viewable on say wilson sor something. sometimes i stay my hand on a really nice item because it looks like it would be ugly only to find out it looks super good and other times i buy something and then never ever use it because it wasn't even the same colour as the preview art

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