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When i first imagined Don't Starve's World, i imagined Maxwell was a dark writer who created the world, and is testing it, playing games on Wilson, to see how long and what he can survive. So in fact, Maxwell, is the real scientist.

A twisted, post past-future, set in the dark ages. Is the next thing we'll see Death Knights on nightmare horses invading you after day 100? Will Wilson ever get out of the story, and trap Maxwell inside his own creation? Are you living trough the memories of Wilson, until you wake up in the future, head to head in a standoff with Maxwell?

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Past Post-Future.

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How about a science ship that breaks the magical barriers around the world for Wilson to escape?

I think an bigger thing, like boats and building a stonehenge to teleport/get away from the island would be a bit weird. A little artifact, a piece of Maxwell's cloth of paper, which you can write in the gift of progression to yourself would be a good and deep way of doing progression, dunno.

Also, there might just be a gigantic worm in the sea..

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