Are Heshian negotiations too easy?

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There's a Brawl event where the goal is to convince one NPC from a crowd of 3 to 4 people. Whenever this event pops up, I immediately seek for a Heshian to single out because they are by far the easiest opponents to argue with for the vast majority of my negotiation decks. 

They are the only negotiation opponents who will never attack you on your first turn, meaning you don't need to waste any energy on applying composure and can straight away start creating arguments or unloading damage. 

Beyond that, they will rarely actually directly attack the player, and usually rely on their delayed AoE attack argument instead. So long as you have enough damage to destroy that argument, you again don't need to bother applying any composure during most of your turns. I've rarely had to deal with their AoE attack as a result. 

For some reason, they also create Tithe bounties that will just outright give you extra resolve, no strings attached! No Vulnerability, no Status cards, it doesn't even cost any Shills despite what the name "Tithe" implies. Negotiations with Heshians are so easy that you can wind up with more Resolve than you had coming in!

They are also completely declawed by the Bait argument, since that forces their AoE argument to only target your bait. 

Overall they mostly seem to function as a damage check, can the player do enough damage per turn to keep up with the Heshian's barrage of arguments? Except the Impatience mechanic and argument generation from most other factions also already check this, so a deck that would lose to Heshians would just lose to other factions as well.

Since Heshians are going to be more prominent in Smith's campaign, I'm curious whether other people also find their negotiation patterns the easiest out of all factions. Or are there any other factions you'd rather negotiate with? Any times a Heshian negotiation actually cost you your run?

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Agreed! The good thing about that negotiation event in brawl is that the "Heckler" arguments don't influence the damage dealt by their argument. It also distracts the Prayer of Hesh argument so it shields the heckler arguments instead of any important ones. 


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I agree that they are the easiest - most of the time.

In late high prestige I have had a few bad negotiations. I don't remember exactly what the damage spawn in with - maybe 9 resolve - if they get a few arguments on their side they become extremely difficult to destroy as the resolve just keeps going up on the other arguments as you destroy them. You can't just target the core because they keep getting more arguments if you don't wear them down but when you target the arguments some of them end up with insane health.

If you have good multi-target damage it's not really as much of an issue but in rare cases it's been very painful.

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