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Those profile avatars hidden in mini games?( 交易店小遊戲可獲得的小頭像?)

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I have played mini games for a long time, but I still don’t see the little crow icon in ravin’s wrapping paper


Does it really exist? My friends and I speculated that it will accumulate more than 100,000 points

Or change all the candy paper to a single color, and then clear it all


After the game reaches a certain score, the production of candy paper will change

So i think it hides some    LOL



So far, the small icon I got is: Red Bird Egg Rotten Egg Snowbird Merchant


My highest score on ravin wrapping paper is 75XXX, but I still can’t see the little photo of the crow

Does it really exist? I want the motivation to keep going or the reason why I want to stop wasting time    LOL












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