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kitchen !!!

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why in (oxygen not included) there is no special room for food preparation?:confused:

as shown in the first photo I created a kitchen but since it does not exist as a room it appears to me only as a generic room.

I would therefore ask to create the relative room thus giving you duplicates more speed of production of meals in that room.


In the second image I have created a sink, a fundamental structure in any kitchen, although my design skills are poor. but that I had to improvise with a simple water pump.

the sink structure would serve to provide a nearby water supply for the preparation of foods that need water.


in the third image I imagined an upgrade that combines the functions of the sink and the egg breaker. in addition, here the duplicators will be able to store a small quantity of raw materials to be transformed later in fact this structure could perform some intermediate operations that are currently lacking in the game xd for example the frano grain here is transformed into flour then placed in the gas oven with water and a fungus spore to obtain bread.

the structure in question should be connected to the electrical system to function and as the (sink) connected to the water system. for this functionality I imagine a large structure 3 boxes in height and 4 or 5 boxes in width.


however these that I propose are just raw ideas that I hope that some member of the community or some developer will elaborate them in a more concrete and feasible way if they consider these things an addition that would improve the gaming experience!:mrgreen:




lavandino zo.png

cucina avanzata.png

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